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This Town

This town is not for me
I won't be staying around
This town is hard and cold
I'm not happy in this town
I'll pick up my heart and I'll go
Where to I don't care or know
Don't matter where I'll be found
As long as I leave this town
This town wants me to go
It ain't where I was bound

This town don't need me here
I don't need this town

To morrow who'll remember my name
To morrow who'll remember I came
Don't care which road I'll go down
As long as it's a way from this town

Johnny Cash - This Town Songtext

zu This Town von Johnny Cash - This Town Lyrics Johnny Cash - This Town Text This Town Johnny Cash This Town Liedtext
Album: I Walk The Line Soundtrack (1970)

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This Town Songtext von Johnny Cash

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