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[Verse 1]
Cunts done the window in my car
Walked around the carpark screwfacin' hard
Jumped in it fast, cut my arse on the glass
Started throwin' shards at the people walkin' past (Rah)
Just so they know that I'm a few sandwiches short
Just in case one of you lot starts actin' caught (Cunt)
Fuck actin' cool, swords like Agincourt
In court more than Björn Borg and Lindsay Davenport
Oil pissin' out the sump
Only gettin' like ten miles per gallon out this lump
Waitin' for that chance to hit sport mode and jump
Sittin' with my finger on the button like I'm Trump (Yeah)
Whip stink of skunk, but I ain't drivin' drunk (Nah)

True, I got this nuclear warhead in the trunk
But, full disclosure, I might have had a little bump
Just to keep focused while drivin' in this dump (Hahaha)
Had to slow down for the hump
Dodgin' potholеs on these shit London roads

[Verse 2]
Yeah, snuffin' thеse man is a cinch (Yeah)
Life story directed by David Lynch (Lynch)
Mashed down this chick so hard I got a stitch
Thought I was scratching that itch but she didn't even flinch (Haha)
Seekin' the truth could lead to a sticky sitch
See you found out too much and then get found in a ditch (Yeah)
They wanna keep us on the hook like the fish
Soon the poor ain't gonna have shit to eat 'xcept the rich
Yeah they love you when you're dead (Dead)
Let you have that loan, yeah they love when you're in debt
Still sittin' here with this bird on her bed
And I've still got the claret all down my leg
Discussin' conspiracies that I've read (Ah)

Leavin' me full of existential dread
Hopped in my sled and then off I sped (Yeah)
V10 penis extension in red
I swear I've already said

Yeah, yeah

The Mercians - Sarah Connor Songtext

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Album: Famous Last Words (2023)

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Sarah Connor Songtext von The Mercians

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