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Hold on to my dreams and I’ll come find them in your room
I reach out in thought, expect you working on a tune
But you’re tending to some flowers that have long ceased to bloom
The fresh smell of cinnamon enlightens all the gloom
Is that what you hang on to?

Hold on to my memories and write ‘em down for me
You might find a friend in your neglected history
And one day you might wanna dwell on all the distant years
The steady smell of cinnamon can’t make them disappear
Or is that what you were hoping for?
Another dreamless night
Fixing you up

Your favourite lullaby

Hold on to my words and I’ll come place them on your tongue
The reason you recall them is ‘cause you knew them all along
Though somehow when you speak them now they sound all wrong
The sun shines on the cinnamon floating from the bong
Is that what it has come to?

Another dreamless day
Passing you by
Strolling your time away
Blind eyed

Another dreamless daze
I’m right behind
Ready for when you wake
I’m too kind
Just too kind

Tamino - Cinnamon Songtext

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Cinnamon Songtext von Tamino

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