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I thought I told you that I do not need distractions
I remember I said that I need no confusion
And when I said so I just knew that you will bring
Another challenge for me here to seat
Oh lord, I feel pain
Oh lord, I feel...

Oh yes, you warned me that when you would bring the light
That sometimes there would be challenges inside the dark
And oh and sometimes, yes, I went my way I know
I tried to rely on my own power, lord
All by myself, yet I know I need you, lord
Oh, I need, I know I need you, lord

And oh, the world seems like it's turning round and round
And sometimes I feel it's moving just too fast
Oh, people look at me when I come out the house
I know, I don't belong here
Oh, could you give me some of what you're eating there
Cos I've been hungry for the love I need to bare
Oh, people talking, oh cry...
Cos we all need love, oh, it is hot in here
We dey sweat for here

So hot, so hot, so hot, so hot
Oh, burning fire
So hot, so hot, so hot
Oh, burning fire

The molten magma is tormenting you inside
And on the surface looks like you are still surprised
Oh, I know your burden is in your soul, I know
Cos you know

I feel it, oh...

I always say that I am ok
I always say that I am ok
Cos I am afraid to tell you

I always say I am ok...
Cos the world seems broken tonight

Oya eh...
So hot, so hot, so hot, so hot
Oh, burning fire
So hot, so hot, so hot
Oh, burning fire

Cos if you don't stop, I will be vibing till the morning
Cos when you look me, yes, I know you see through
Cos I am the light that you are shining in your, your darkness

Sometimes I know you crave
Oh yes, I see you're dazed
I know that you are you, craving for more
Cos you are in this body, ah...

Nneka - Yahweh Songtext

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Yahweh Songtext von Nneka

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