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What a lovely sight - an infant in the arms of our First Lady,
A husband of hers with his thumbs-up so cheerful and dandy.
Should not an artist out there contemplate a painting of this malady?
An uninformed on this earth might ask why I demean this pair -
Let me explain: the baby is an orphan yet to feel despair -
His parents killed, shot, mother's blood is in his hair -
her body shielded child with the armor of pure love -
while the hatred's bullets pierced through her heart.
So what does this disgraceful couple does but grin into the camera eyes!
Perhaps, they thought that Baron would be better off if they were shot?
There is not an iota of propriety, let alone some compassion in their expression -
So by all means, paint this travesty - just call it what it is -
NOT a Madonna with the SATAN's TOOL of husband and an INNOCENT!

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Not a Madonna Deutsche Übersetzung »

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