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I can't step back on my block without no W
Lil' bitch think I'm finna chase, yeah, I'll find another you
I'm outchea thuggin', rollin' stogies from this gas station
I'm duckin' paparazzi flash, lil' bitch, I'm trap famous
So many people know my pockets, it's like my stash famous
I remember bein' so broke, shit, I ain't wanna have no babies
We was project playin' 'til Clip came with that black Mercedes
If you was pussy then, you pussy now, nigga, you can't erase it
I never saw us becoming famous in my imagination
Sat in too many rooms with losers who was procrastinatin'
Screamin', "Gang, gang, gang," it seemed so fascinatin'
The gang is at the wall, O and three, they catchin' cases
On the block, that's where I bet the Wraith is
Shinin' on these white folk that was actin' racist
When your influence too big then they assassinate ya
When you keep this shit too real they wanna fabricate ya
Baby mama on my phone, she outchea bitchin' at me
Don't talk to me right now, my dawg, I'm trigger happy
It's like my girlfriend always mad whenever a nigga happy
It's like my girlfriend always mad whenever my niggas happy
I done asked the day we met at the coffee shop
I ain't conversatin' if you talk a lot
Niggas only half-winnin' shit, we one and two
So I can't step back on my block without no W

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