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Be careful with who you call a God
I can't go without my pole and my rod
Sipped a cup and then I nod
Made a hundred million, must be good at my job
I done made it out the land of the brave
I can tell you shake my hands that it's fake
Free the guys, the ones who never made a statement
Slidin' with a Drake, I made it home safe
Baseball numbers on all of my contracts
Billionaires buddies, they all in my contacts
I get you hit on GP, they want nothin' back
Made twenty million last month, tryna run it back (Run it back)
Watches over like a God

It goes down, I'm the one they gon' blame
Gotta leav, where my soul, how I came
I know it look lit when I'm rockin' these chains
But I went through a lot for this money and fame
(This money and fame, this money and fame)
For this money and fame
I did a lot to get here? No comment
I put a lot in my ear, both of 'em
The Rari is fast as it gets, hold on
I'm 'bout to take off, bear with me
I don't wanna beef with you niggas
My beef with the system, big bro at the end of his habeas
I talk to him daily, I told him he still comin' home
I just hope he don't think I'm just sayin' shit
The money keeps comin', the feelin' is amazing
I pay eight-figure taxes, no more section eight
I was workin' my wrist tryna see what it take
Made a thirty do sixty, the feeling's amazing
Now I can charge by the hour
A sixty minutes set, they pay me a million, that's crazy

My diamonds really be diamonds, no shade
I'm goin' all in, no stoppin', okay

Watches over like a God
Makes you hurt again
So you can heal and say amen
We will change for you
We will die for you, ah-huh (Yeah-yeah)

Be careful who you call God
L.A filled with fake prophecies
They hate it when you get on top
Magazines tarnish legacies
Can you tell me, how much do they cost?
A hundred mill' ain't a stretch for me
Packin' stadiums 'cause I'm a star
Bots can't buy box seats
If you ain't down, you an enemy
I got followers that'll kill for me
And they linin' up like a DMV
With the finest girls that you've ever seen
She from California, she's sober lite
Diet Coke with the coke diet
She ride my face till my stash white
She got Chrome Hearts on with the black attire
My niggas roll with the chrome and the heavy metal
Talkin' guns, no roses, it ain't Coachella
I'm a good fella, I'm a good fella
Johnny Depp with the blow, I'm a good fella
I'm in paradise, I'm in paradise
But these false idols got me terrified
I'm so terrified, I feel terrified
Life is war in the face of God
We still walkin' with the cameras off
She a femme fatale, she's a superstar
Even down to the way that she breakin' hearts
She ain't actin', I'm not an actor
'Cause reality's, what I'm after
Real emotions, I'm tryna capture
Suck my soul up like the rapture
Don't remember my last line, but I'll cut up these lines
Rumors that you heard about me is right
Even startin' to believin' all their lies
I'm even startin' to believin' all their lies
So terrified in this paradise
I'm so terrified, oh

Watches over like a God (Oh-oh, oh)
Makes you hurt again
So you can heal and say amen
We will change for you
We will die for you, ah-huh

He is coming
He will find her
He will fix her
To make us better, ooh
Ooh, ooh, ooh
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh
Like a God in the sky watchin' over you
Put you heart in his hands and you'll be brand new
Like a god
Like a, mm

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