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Burning out of Hell
Yelling "Rebel Yell"
My burning wheels I smell
The twin yells out the spell

Ich bin ein beschissnes Artefucked

Easy Rider Dream
Let her rip and scream
My blood's an engines steam
My art's dirty 'n mean

Ich bin ein beschissnes Artefucked

Non above 'n at side
Through angel dust I ride
I no longer hide
My freedom deep inside

Ich bin ein beschissnes Artefucked

Far beyond the scene
I want to be seen
I entered no Schema
Can't sing, can only scream

On all the roads I run
I think 'bout Vietnam
I fight through my Sin's scum
'Til I become undone

Ich bin ein beschissnes Artefucked

I prayed to the sacred Whore
To get into the Corps
The Legion and the War
But that chance I have no more

I bein ein beschissnes Artefucked

Throughout the land I fly
Black Metal - Semper Fi
With my own guilt I will die
To my dreams I say goodbye

Ich bin ein beschissnes Artefucked

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