Let me tell you a little story about this guy that's not important (I'm working on dying)
Let me tell you about these crazy clothes he's sporting
Let me tell you about these Cold Visions I've been having
Cold Visions, man, let's fucking go

Excel in everything, I ain't talking about an Excel sheet
It's bad she's bad
The vibes are bad every time that we meet
I cut my hand like Jesus did I bleed, I bleed, I bleed
I'm up so late
I'm violently drug abusing weed
I still remember the first time I realized that nothing's fine

I'm still rеmembering the risе since then it's been a big decline
How could these cowards take my kindness for a weakness?
Thank God for every blessing
I'm getting bored of all this stressing
Back to flexing and finessing
Hanging with peasants gets depressing I'm repping Crest (Crest, crest)
The mental weak
I know it's not a competition but shit, I'm winning, winning, winning
It's all I know
I know I'm falling off but shit, I can't let go
I wipe my nose, it's all I know
Stumbling through the door and stumbling down
(There's something hidden in this riddle)
Between the lines, no, I'm just kidding
There's something cold about my vision
My fortune paints an ugly picture
If I should trust my intuition
I probably could do it different
To catch my drift I'm going fishing
On my way back from going missing (Listen)

Should do the dishes in the kitchen (I'm back, ha)
But I am lacking the ambition
I let the neon diamonds glisten
I'm speaking codes so, baby, listen
This damn depression is my prison
Pink Floyd, the diamond is a prism
Your threat towards us is nonexistent
Im in the hills, I'm pissing wishes
I give you everything, just listen
SG malicious
Malicious business
I got a funny disposition
Bust down the cross but I'm not Christian
I'm talking shit
Cold visions, is it?
Is it cold visions?
If you get hit then you get hit then
I'm being rude like a Parisian
I keep it true like I got 'tism
I'm in the sewers on a mission
Something was true in my suspicions
There's something brewing in the distance
Without getting into specifics
Let's address a couple issues
I'm fresh to death, I'm dressing different
I'm truly sculpted in His image
Try catch these things from my perspective
Without getting into specifics
My hoodie on, I look suspicious
Your hidden talents, keep it hidden
Don't wanna see you be a victim
Don't wanna wake up and remember (Ha)
The visions colder than December
DG the core we in the centre (Hahaha)
The blade be spinning like a blender (Bladee)
It's habit forming, I'm dependent
No stainless steel in this here pendant
Tell them stop stealing my agenda
I'm pushing Drain Gang propaganda
High in the hills like I'm a Jenner
I'm him, did you assume my gender?
I'm HD clean, you need to render
The accountant told me stop the spending
I'm spending like the world is ending

Let me tell you a little story about something unimportant
Let me tell you about this shit I've been importing
Truly gifted
Let me tell you about this ice that I've been sporting
Let me- Let me tell you about these crazy clothes he's sporting
Let me tell you about these cold visions I've been having
(Cold Visions)

Bladee - FLEXING & FINESSING Songtext

Album: Cold Visions (2024)

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FLEXING & FINESSING Songtext von Bladee

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