Zippy Kid - Дискография (Discography) Text

Songtext zu Дискография (Discography)

✧ Studio Albums
01.Rigid Shindy
02. 04
04.His Majesty Zippy Kid, King of Abstract Hip-Hop
05. My Fashion For Myself
06.Greatest Blues For My Bank
07. In Your Headphones 2010
09.Altocalciphilia 2012
10. Weird Marginal 2012
11. President of Mars 2012
12.I Am the Art

13. It’s The Freedom
14. There Is No Fear In Love
15. Onward
16. It’s So Amped
17. The Last Rock’n’Roll Swindle
18. Setting Poetry [feat. Oleg Kotsarev]
19.I Only See Clear What I Remember
20. I am not David Bowie
21. I will succeed
22. 2001
23. 13
24. The Repentance [feat. Delycanthrope]
25. Video and Computer dolls:Get Back There
26. New Insanity [with Gouashe]
27. Zippy Kid’s mania (philosophy)
28.Durilka Kartonnaya [The Hitz]
29. X-City Recordings June 2003
30. No Sound 2
31. Rigid Shindy 3
32.The Spring Riot, Svetlana Sweet, Kiss me, I Love You

33. Their Satanic Majesties' Third Request
34. AM (from Zippy Freak’s Archives)
35. Her Breathing Began To Get Deeper As She Heard My Voice Behind Her
36. 700
37. Real Night Club
38. Olbom:The Greatest Album in the Universe
39. Pharaoh Ruslan Troknyuk Is The King Of The World
40. The Silver Age of Russian Poetry
41. Video And Computer Dolls: Hollywood Community Police Station
42. The Return of Ziggy Stardust
43. Caoutchouc Soul: A Tribute to the Beatles;
44. The Afterlife of Pablo (Philosophy)
45. More Hype: A Playlist By May Firm;
46. Holywood Lungs
47. Tommorow Never Knows
48. I Am resident of C.I.Z. ;
49. Zuzzeze
50. Video and Computer Dolls: Conspiracy Theory
51.Two Zero One Nine:I Didn’t Want Fame
52. My Wide Range of Political Orientations
53. Past Flashback
53. Antenna
54. Nsw State Route Forty
55. Embellishment
56. Twenty-Two February Two Thousand Twenty-Two
57. Peak

✧ Album + Compilation
1.It's Not Enough for Me
2.Works 2005-2012, Volume 1
3.Rigid Shindy 2 (2015)
4.Trap Hitz for Atlanta, Georgia
5.Box‐Set #1
6.Super Elviz
7.Real Kreakl (Los Angeles’ Big Hits)
9.Squirting and Whisky
10.Moscow, Los Angeles

✧ Live Albums
1.Induced Gas Flotation [Live 10.12.2014] (with Nekij Yurii)

✧ Compilation

✧ Singles
1.The First Two Singles (with Gouashe)
3.Zippy Kid's mania
4.Algorithm 2008
5.Magnum Opus Number One (11.11.2011)
6.It’s the Freedom
7.Scenes from Genesis
8.The Flowers Are Blooming
9.Rediscovering Old Passions
10.I Want To Be Your Freak
12.Cowboyz Don’t Smoke
13.The Spring Sadness
14.Why Don’t You Ask Her
16.Humble yourselves in the presence of the Lord, and He will exalt you
17.In the Fading Light
18.My Mind Was Alone
19.Can Someone Help Me Buy Delay Pedal And Travel To New Zealand
20.Her Plastic Spirit Gradually Eliminates My Memory Sensations
21.You Are The World Inside My World
22.She’s Luscious
23.When The Time Line Would Have Four Things Happening At The Same Time
24.For Rollling Stone magazine
25.Day By Day
26.I Am Just Enthusiastic About What I Do
27.World Penguin Day
28.City Of Melbourne
29.Rock and Roll
30.Shake Me Up, Shake Me Down
31.It’s Something You Need To Take Care Of Yourself
32.Mutant Hotel
33.Yeah! I Want To F**k Karlie Kloss
36.The Sydney Harbour Bridge
37.Spark Plugs, Noise and Tea‐Bags
38.The Symphony of the Lost Spade
40.The Persistence of Karlie
41.America Is a Mistake, A Giant Mistake
42.As Soon As the Life Begins, It Is Quite Clear How It Will End, And Who Will Be Rewarded, Punished, or Forgotten
44.The Best Thing For Her To Do Is To Let Her Do What She Wants
45.Thriller For Myself
46.You’re all I need
48.When Do I Get My Picture On the Cover of The Wire Magazine
50.I Want to Fuck Taylor Momsen
51.Psalm 49
52.Love Was Made from Your Smile
53.Psalm 4
55.Let Me Be Here, the Matrix Has You
56.Multiplicity of crinkles (feat.TPGN)
57.There’s Something Sweet Inside Her
58.I Have Fallen In Love Many Times Always With Her
59.Psalm 8
62.Working for Azzle Computer, Inc
63.Cuff Love
64.I trust you to save me Lord God and I won’t be afraid My power and my strength come from you and you have saved me
65.High Impact
66.Love Is the Beauty of Her Soul
68.No future (feat. Sex Toy)
70.Lily Cole, Love Me, Lily Cole, F**k Me
71.The King Was Banned from Gasclub for freedom of the Press
72.Bugatti Veyron King of abstract hip‐hop
74.Tokyo and Kharkiv
76.Hollywood Milk
77.Do You Think the World Will End Today
80.MXR Blue Box
81.Illumination (feat. The Speakers)
82.Adeline, Be Mine
83.Dazzling Shine
84.The Next Day
85.Smoky Eyes
87.Please Avoid Rubbing It Too Hard
88.Trip to Galaxy NGC 6782
89.Homelessness of Low‐Cost Stills From Colour Videotape
90.I Want to F**ck Meghan Collison
91.Free to Move
93.Comedown Machine
94.Another Brick in Your Rock’n’roll
96.I Am Back From 26Th Century
97.Strange Fashion World
98.Harlem Snake
99.Inneffable Operation
101.Oh, Meghan..
102.Lord, Give Me Good Wife, Money, Big Mansion In LA, 9 Kids and More
103.Needle and Food
104.I Want To F**k Lindsey Lohan
105.The Street Lights Cast Their Glow On the Walls and Their Fingertips Touched Her Lips
106.Help Me To Buy Bugera 6260–212 Combo
107.The Revenge of Ziggy Stardust: She looked fantastic (Beat by the Pasiion HiFi)
108.I Am the Next Famous Face in Men’s Fashion
109.Richest People of Ukraine
111.Another Saturday Goes By
112.Long‐Duration Space Station Flights
113.So You Can Change the System Again
115.Support Me With This Eye‐catching Korg Microkorg Xl 10th Anniversary All Black Synth
116.Run From City of Dallas To Dresden Or Create Article About Zippy Kid In Wikipedia
117.The Beetle
118.Poem by Archilochos born on the island of Paros
119.The Meeting of Two Personalities Is Like the Contact of Two Chemical Substances: If There Is Any Reaction, Both Are Transformed. Carl Jung
120.Iana, Do You Want to Be My Wife?
121.Iana Is My Love
122.I Love You, Iana
123.Love and Work Are the Cornerstones of Our Humanness
124.How Does Her Skin Feel?
125.Resolution Island
126.The Next Part of Our Mystery
127.Business Ecosystem
128.I killed David Bowie
129.I Want to Kiss You, Iana
130.Zachary Vex, Please Gift me With Your Free Fuzz Factory Stompbox
131.Iana Is the Part of Me
134.Bringing Her into the Labyrinth of Memories (with Pavel Pustota) as feat. artist
135.I Want to Get 5,000,000$ from Interscope Records for My Next Album
137.The Gospels Deals With the Story of God’s Search for You
138.Rc 20 XL
139.I am the King of the World and I Control It
140.Wah Wah Erotica
141.I Rejoiced and Find Stregth in the Lord
142.Hesitation Marks
143.Chapter 11. (Translated by Thomas Cleary) (feat. Pavel Pustota)
144.She Returns to the Water
145.Nobody But Me
146.Street King Immortal
148.I Want To Record Album With “Metallica” and Old Breakbeat Style Elements
149.Sgt. Pepper’s Summer Dreams Are Crushed, Will You Never Think of Him?
150.Sweet Saima Smith
151.Iana’s Very Pretty
152.Russian Proton‐M Rocket Explodes On Take‐Off (feat. Pavel Pustota)
154.Take Off All Bullets From His Bodies (feat. Infiltrator)
155.Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action
156.Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action Part 2 (feat. Slyder)
157.Happiness on Sunday (feat. Michael Wilferd)
158.Looking to Expand in new Direction and I Want to Record Single With Korn
159.What Did We Just Do?Why was I Thinking About You?
160.Break the Back of Hollywood (feat. Joel Sattler)
161.Is It Love?
162.The Lucky Blues (feat. Joel Sattler)
163.Sex Blues (feat. Joel Sattler)
164.Don’t Be Shy (feat. Joel Sattler)
165.Creative shot (feat. Infiltrator)
166.She Doesn’t Know Where Her Desire Ends
167.29 (feat. The Klirrfaktor)
168.I Will Be There (feat. Joel Sattler)
169.Just Another Broken Heart (feat. Joel Sattler)
170.Some Miracle Will Happen (feat. Casia Lyricist)
171.The Ransom Letter (feat. Joel Sattler)
172.You Only Get One (feat. Joel Sattler)
173.Sunspots,Solar Flares and Coronal Mass Ejections (feat. Pavel Pustota)
174.Art Hip‐hop
176.The Paradigm Shift
177.That Was That Blues (feat. Joel Sattler)
178.Tomorrow (feat. Joel Sattler)
179.We Are Social
180.The Wampler Leviathan Fuzz
181.Like Silk On Fire (feat. Joel Sattler)
182.The Z‐files
183.Come and Fly with Me (feat. Joel Sattler)
184.Track For Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson
185.She’s a Mystery (feat. Joel Sattler)
186.Scottish Not British
187.Walk With Me (feat. Joel Sattler)
188.Walk With me [Version 2] (feat. Joel Sattler)
189.Perfect Love (feat. Mary McClain)
190.She Sings (feat. Pavel Pustota)
191.You’re My Life [Re‐release] (feat. Joel Sattler)
192.Are You Lonely Tonight? (feat. Joel Sattler)
193.Sweetness (feat. Joel Sattler)
194.Its Crazy (feat. Michael Wilferd)
195.She’s a Mystery [2nd version] (feat. Joel Sattler)
196.All to You [3rd version] (feat. Joel Sattler)
197.Love Sweet Love (feat. Casia Lyricist)
198.I Believe (feat. Joel Sattler)
199.You’re My Life (with Jebus Meneses & Joel Sattler)
200.Psalm 30
201.King of New York
202.The Why of It (feat. Joel Sattler)
203.Love Me Back To Life (feat. Amine Masror)
204.Most of All, I Love You for Breaking My Heart
205.In the Moment (feat. James Watson)
206.Wrecking Ball
207.Birdman, Do You Want To Buy This Beat For 20000$?
208.I Want to Be Signed With Cash Money Records
209.Tony Yayo, Do You Want to Buy This Beat for 6000$?
210.Go and Catch a Falling Star
211.I Lived To Love Your Love (feat. Joel Sattler)
212.Only Do What My Heart Tells Me
213.A Divine Mistress
214.A New Day (feat. Joel Sattler)
215.Don’t Wait for Ukraine’s Progress in the third Eastern Partnership Summit
216.Full bloom (feat. Joel Sattler)
217.Track for Chris Kyriakos, All His Pedals Are 100% point‐to‐point Wired and Handmade In New York City
218.Back Me Up [Light Dubstep Version](feat. Joel Sattler)
219.The One I Want (feat. Joel Sattler)
220.Baby Kreay, I Love You With All My Soul
221.Love Is Real (feat. Joel Sattler)
222.I’ll Be Waiting (feat. Infiltrator)
223.When Night Falls (feat. Joel Sattler)
224.Missing You (feat. Joel Sattler)
225.Metal Boogie for Harvard University
226.Track for Philipinnes
227.Christmas Tree (with Amine Masror & GonzaloR)
228.Too Ra Loo Ra Loo Ra (feat. Joel Sattler)
229.Let There Be Light (feat. Joel Sattler)
230.Forever In Love (feat. Joel Sattler)
231.Dual 500 Multitask Turning Center Can Run Continuosly and Reliably Perform Multiplejobs At the Same Time. With Automation Such As Bar Feeder and Parts Unloaded Customer Can Run This Machine in Unattended Shift Operations
232.Remember Love Is All
233.Being As Deep Inside Lindsey’s Mind As You Are Inside Her BodyBeing As Deep Inside Lindsey’s Mind As You Are Inside Her Body
234.Cold Heart (feat. Joel Sattler)
235.Impromptu For 2014
236.Like Sand Through My Fingers (feat. Joel Sattler)
238.Thorium 232.0381
239.Slavery and Freedom
240.Til Death Do Us Part (feat. Joel Sattler)
241.Want Some Candy (feat. Ivan Can't & Mars Linn)
242.I Wanna Be With You (feat. Amine Masror)
243.The Ghost of G.A.S. Club Is Watching You
244.Do It (feat. Four04, Bluehorn & Joel Sattler)
245.All I Wanted (with hay.ceho & Joel Sattler)
246.Stop This S--t
247.Yasin’s Quantum Teleportation In the Red Thick Exoskeleton (feat. Mars Linn)
248.Timeless (feat. Joel Sattler & Alexander Russkih)
249.Blow My Mind (feat. Joel Sattler)
250.Hypnotized (feat. Joel Sattler)
251.Sound Sound Sound Surround (with Joel Sattler, Delycanthrope, Four04 & Bluehorn)
252.I Love You [2nd Version] (feat. Joel Sattler & A.Janovsky)
253.Song For Zippy (with Rolf and Joel Sattler)
254.I Really Really Want to Be Plastic (feat. Ivan Can't)
255.Keep On Pretending (with Joel Sattler and Infiltrator)
256.All Night Long (feat. Joel Sattler)
257.Blurred lines (feat.AdrianVeidt)
258.Someday I Will Find You (with Joel Sattler and Infiltrator)
259.They’re Searching In Vain For Something That Will Help Them Make Sense of Their Lives (feat. Angry Arnold)
260.Orgasmic Sin (feat. Joel Sattler)
261.Sonnet 18 (feat. Project O)
262.The Heat (feat. Joel Sattler)
263.Walk on Fire (with Joel Sattler and Rosillo-vich)
264.Psalm 3
265.Remember Love Is All (feat. Joel Sattler)
266.The Mock Turtle’s Song (with Lukia and Delycanthrope)
267.Rock On! (with kenzok, Nicola Offidani & Joel Sattler)
268.The Memory of That Night(feat. Konstantin Patov)
269.Your Golden Teeth (feat. Brent L. Godfrey)
270.Don’t Be Sad (feat. M‐Max)
271.Nobody Knows What’s Wrong (feat. Oleksandr Polozhynskyi)
272.Be My Valentine (feat. Delycanthrope, Infiltrator, Joel Sattler and Nekij Yurii)
273.Did You Say You Do? (feat. Joel Sattler)
274.Like an Angel (feat. Joel Sattler)
275.Alle Ting Treng Si Tid
276.Voodoo Smile (feat. MC Papa Bones)
277.The Living Flame (feat. Joel Sattler)
278.Stupid Ukraine in Flames
279.Like a Spark Starting a Fire
280.I’m Looking (feat. Joel Sattler)
281.Right Here Right Now
282.There’s something (feat. Gilberto Blanco)
283.Put your hand in my hand (feat. Kate James)
284.Single # 27:Recreated Pink F… Destroyed by Zippy Kid
285.She Was Like a Dream (with hay.ceho and Joel Sattler)
286.Spring Song
287.O Happy day (feat. Philip Doddridge)
288.Ahh, She’s So Fine (feat. Joel Sattler)
289. GreenSPACYsleves by WizRaban as feat. artist
290.Dance With Me
291.Snake Bite
292.Single # 28:Recreated Pink F… Destroyed by Zippy Kid
293.Single # 29:Recreated Pink F… Destroyed by Zippy Kid
294.Be Without You (feat. Nekij Yurii)
295.I Tell Myself (feat. Joel Sattler)
296.From Gouashe’s the World’s Greatest Noise & Roll Band Archive
297.Still So In Love (feat. Delycanthrope & Mark Fitzgearld)
298.Ukraine Is Likely To Default
299.The Blazing Angel
300.Love Cannot Die (feat. DJ gami.K)
301.Moreno Valley Postdisco Dance Machine
302.Speak From My Heart (feat. Nekij Yurii)
303.low Dive of My Car
304.She Is Real, So She Does Real Things
305.Open Minded Researcher
306.She’s Coming, Stop This Pop Show (feat. DJ gami.K)
307.The Golden Egg (Post dub of Zion City)
308.Curtis James Jackson III buy this beat for 250 000$
309.Needles and Masks
310.Suck It For Nothing, B*tch (feat. DJ gami.K)
311.Beautiful Day (feat. Joel Sattler)
312.Сквозь темные стекла by Очертания Нереальности as feat. artist
313.Lord, Please Help Me to Record Album with Metallica
314.My name is Kid…Zippy kid.Save me,delete me.(James Bond new wave)
315.Наёмный Убийца
316.Flower of Love (feat. Infiltrator)
317.Vanya the Sailor
318.Symphony in Yellow (feat. DJ gami.K)
319.Living in the City (feat. Joel Sattler)
320.Red Empty Head
321.Target Acquired: Are you ready?
322.Learning To Love (feat. Joel Sattler)
323.All My Life (with Pavel Pustota & Gilberto Blanco)
324.How Many Ways Can I Say That I Love You (feat. Gilberto Blanco)
325.Love Has a Price (feat. Joel Sattler)
326.I Need 70000.00£ To Buy Fred Perry Stone Cotton Baseball Caps
327.Bono,The Edge,Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen, Jr. Let’s Create Album [Zooropa.Part 2] Together Because I Want to Win Grammy Award too
328.Muhabbet Özge Halattır, Giriftar Olmayan Bilmez (feat. MurdeZavr)
329.Psalm 15 with (Nekij Yurii)
330.For My Fragile Queen
331.How Many Ways Can I Say That I Love You (Second Version) (feat.Gilberto Blanco)
332.The Great Pop Swindle by Zippy Kid
333.Tribute for Svetlana’s Instagrams, Which in New Forms for the Novel and Drama‐in the Destitution of Modern Pop Art Acquires My Inspiration
334.Death is the cessation of all biological functions that sustain a living organism (feat. Ayaz Khan)
335.For Svetlana Safronova
337.How Many Ways Can I Say That I Love You [Third Version] (feat. Gilberto Blanco)
338.One More Time (feat. Daniele Schiattino)
339.Крижана Рука
340.Drop the Drugs and Dogs (feat. Mars Linn)
341.Just for You (feat. Joel Sattler)
342.Just a Little Bit of You (feat. DJ gami.K)
343.Web Voodoo Cabriolet Driver
344.I Still Believe (feat.Daniele Schiattino)
345.The City (feat. Tom Keaton)
346.Love’s Philosophy
347.Match Box (Alternative Cover Re‐Relaase)
349.Inner Core (with Bill R & Joel Sattler)
350.Summer Garden Stroll (feat. Joel Sattler)
351.Thank You, Apology for Pathology, For Your Questions As Zippy Kid
352.I Love You [Version 4] (with Bill Yorke & Joel Sattler)
353.What Did I Do (with Sabrina Pugh)
354.Inside the Heart of the Fire (with Greg Orme & Joel Sattler)
355.She Was a Phantom of Delight (with Peter Harp)
356.Greatest Blues in the History of Show‐biz
357.Shock me (with Joey Hess feat. Gill Martin)
358.This Dream Called Reality (with Joel Sattler)
359.Tragic Workstation (with Raccoon Crew Fan Club)
360.Здесь Разные Истории Случаются (with Sergey Romanov)
361.Hard to Drift (Live Looping)
362.World Champion In Everything #28
363.The Multicultural Ideologic Twist (Amathus Beach Hotel’s Total Burst)
364.Don’t Сlose Your Eyes (feat. Fiona McEwen with Infiltrator)
365.Zippy Kid’s mania tour:Kremenchuk,Tokyo,Dubai,Paris,Miami,New York,Detroit, Los Angeles (fragments) Part 47
366.What Is This Fire
367.You Don’t (with Clément Musy & Oliver Williams)
368.Push Harder
369.Sweet Disposition
370.Wall Street Is Bursting (with Andrea Giops)
371.From Campion and Rosseter’s Book of Airs, 1601
372.The Endless River
373.Tell me about your dreams (feat. Sharni Barnes)
374.Individuality (with Nikita Pisarev and Dj Phazer)
375.Harlem Snake (Ukulele version)
376.I Am Drifting In the Stream of Time
377.Для её маленьких женских слабостей
379.Tell Me About Security
380.C.I.A. IDM for Sweet
382.Петли Категорий
384.El Siete
385.She’s Really Something [Demo] (with Joel Sattler)
386.Ночь, Улица, Фонарь, Аптека…
387.C‐m On Her Command
388.Say You Love Me (with Fiona McEwen)
389.56 Сent
390.Painting My Heart (with Kazuki Yamanaka, The Astronut & Jay Eden)
391.Because of Love
392.He Will Love Being Locked Up For Tiffany
393.For Reginald Quincy Fieldy Arvizu
394.Summer Has Come
395.I Am the Richest Man in the World
396.She’s My Oxabolone
397.Feel Me (Sleepy Dub) (with Kate James & Pablo Gnasher)
398.Atlantis (feat. DJ Gami.K)
399.For Pavel Dodonov,Viktor Pelevin and Salvador Dalí
401.Summer’s End (with Joel Sattler)
402.Hip‐hop Titan Cleans Out His Closet
403.In the Midnight Hour (feat. Hans Tracy Lesperance)
404.Summer, Summer, Summer (feat. Joel Sattler)
405.A**l Sex
406.Shoegazing With Her
407.Live Love In Little House
408.Roma Aeterna
409.For Komsomolsk
410.Sweet Love Ukraine
411.Start It Again
412.Bateman's Principle
413.Wow! Modern Culture Way
415.Old Budapest
416.Using Big Data to Fix Our Traffic Jams During a Meeting Without Looking Distracted
417.Anilingus With Apology
418.Happy Day (feat. Nizami Ganjavi)
419.All That I Need (with Joel Sattler)
420.She’s So Cool (with Joel Sattler)
421.My Mind’s Eye Beholds Her Still (with Ice Tre)
422.For Roland Corporation
423.Nine‐eleven Trade Center C.I.Z
424.Promises (with Joel Sattler & Scott Daniels)
425.Back Me Up (with JC Beziz & Joel Sattler)
426.Slow Burn (feat. Joel Sattler)
427.Glamour X‐City Life
428.My Love, My Life, My Sweet
429.I Want to F**k only Svetlana Safronova Forever!Yeah, My Sweet B*tch
430.I Love you (Version 7) (with Joel Sattler & Matthew Burton)
432.I Love, Love, Love You, Kira
433.Six and Six and Six
434.Voodoo King Blues (with James Fraser & Joel Sattler)
435.Как Заработать Миллиарды И Затащить В Постель Алису Лис?
437.Last Escape From the System
438.Post‐Cyberpunk Production
439.Trust In Me (feat. Joel Sattler)
440.Whore Queen
441.Autostop (with Oleh Kotsarev)
442.I’ve Got Holes In My Head (Eternity) [with Stanfield Major]
443.Someone Wrote Your Name In My Soul
444.2040 (Original Video Data Soundtrack)
445.A.I.M.R.A (Agricultural and Industrial Manufacturers Representatives Association)
446.A.R.M.I.A. Z.I.P.P.Y K.I.D
447.Zippy Kid’s Got a Temper
448.I Want To See Psychic TV ’s Show and Change Genesis P‐Orridge
449.Unique Obsession
450.I Killed Eminem
451.Lupe Fiasco,do you want to buy this beat for 7000$?
452.Nothing to Buy
453.I killed Timati
454.Train (Orange Disgrace’s Remake Song)
455.Can’t Find My Way (feat. Z and Joel Sattler)
456.You Are My Everything (with Doctor Tuxedo, Dean Wuksta & Joel Sattler)
458.For Kevin Rivers
459.Why She Had to Go I Can Not Say (with Joel Sattler)
460.F. M. M. L
461.Psalm 117
462.I killed Marylin Manson
464.1977 (feat. Infiltrator)
465.2 Chainz, Do You Want To Buy This Beat For 8500$
466.A Million Years Of Lust (feat. Joel Sattler)






Alisher Morgenstern – The Woman of the Year

The Bohemian Rhapsody, Part Two
You Did It (Eurovision Song Contest 2023) (feat. Joel Sattler)
Родина (feat. Ivan Bunin)

✧ Singles+Audiobook
1.Дневник: Абстрактность хип-хопа и одиночество
2.Arsinoitherium (feat. Leo Tolstoy)
3.Юный Храбрец Китайского Императора
4.The “Funny” Week: Знакомство / Операция “Ханс”
5.The “Funny” Week: Перестрелка
6.The “Funny” Week: Начало Приключений
7.Гений-Мутант (Рассказ)
8.Бородино (feat.Mikhail Lermontov)
9.The “Funny Week” Three
10.Изучите С Помощью Этого Руководства Основы Вербовки Агентов Цру
11.Толстый И Тонкий (feat.Anton Chekhov)

✧ EP
1. Creative Shot (from the Raptiles’ 2001 archive)
2. In the Veins of Every Child
3. In Your Headphones
4. Forget It
5. Terminator Back in 2067 Soundtrack
6 Ambivibez
7. 1981
8.The Earth (feat. Moleece)
9.Hot Town
10. Pure
11.Anoplogaster Сornuta (feat. NORTHSEAWAYS)
12.She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not (feat. Casia Lyricist)
13.Psalm 18
14.Another Breakdown
15.Purple Sunday (feat. DJ gami.K)
16.The Surprising Thing
17.You’re the Rain (feat. Joel Sattler)
18.Insanity (With Dead Morouse)
19.Don’t Ask Me, Just Show Me (feat. Joel Sattler)
20.I Am the King of Perfectionism
21.Greatest Hack’n’roll
22.What Do I Say to the Rain?
24.For Marina, Marina
25.Audiosculpture from the Green Kingdom (For Ars Electronica 2007)
26.Their Satanic Majesties’ Third Request’s Demos
27.Lord, Please Make Svetlana Safronova My Wife
28.Thinking Outside The Box
29.Manifesto for Queen Elizabeth II‐Destroy The British Monarchy
30.Surrounded by Her Objects
31.Galileo Globish
32.We Live Our Fast Last Days (with Gouashe)
33.I Burned All Universes
34.The Spider and the Fly
35.Love Never Fails
36.Love Will Keep Us Alive
37.Zimsung Cyberpunk Industries
38.My Integrity
39.For Klimovsk
41.My Love Is Lady Irma
43.Random Acess Memories
44.Прекрасный ботфорт с закрытым мыском Laura Volorosa
45.The Original of Elmira
46.Green Stars
47.Then Everything Is Back to Love Again…
48.Hollywood Milk, Pt. 2
49.In Your Headphones: Flashback (feat.Atl Stackz)
51.I Want You Queen Lily
52.Manifesto for Queen Elizabeth II - Destroy the British Monarchy
53.Z:/Musik [Hidden Folder]
54.I Want to F**k L**y C**e
55.L*** C***’s Blue Eyes Corporation
56.Predator: London’s Nuclear Disaster 2058 (Official Film Soundtrack)
58.Комплекс Гольджи
59.Modern Emo Punk
60.More Hype: A Playlist By May Firm
61.The Vocal Tracks
62.Extreme Zone Show (#Exzone Studio Rework)
63.Okay Supercomputer
64.Split (with RxMxAx)
65.The Deadliest Mass Shooting in Paradise, Nevada (feat. Vova Kulchinskij)
66.Непредсказуемое Путешествие Евгения Михалыча из Казани в Челябинск
67.The Untouchable & Dawned
68.Free Jazz
69.Just Realize (feat. Joel Sattler)
70.I Reframe the Perception Between PR and Ego
71.Pretty Girl (feat. Joel Sattler)
72.Psalm 144
73.Doctor Honoris Causa
74.Psalm 54
75.Вербная Суббота (feat. Alexander Blok)
76.Utoob (with Tugosral)
77.Вогники По Бухті Скрізь (feat. Mykhaylo Semenko)
78.I Can’t Keep Her Down (feat. Joel Sattler)
79.Working Man (New Wave) (feat. Joel Sattler)
80.Из Мешка (feat. Velimir Khlebnikov)
81.Not so Easy (feat. Joel Sattler)
82.Million Dollar: Guitar
83.Невермор в эпоху постмодерна (Nevermore in Postmodern Era) (feat.Alina Vitukhnovskaya)

✧Videoclips (Клипы)
2.I Am Famous As Mickey, Now What You Want From Me?
3.Now What You Want From Me?
4.Orchid Dandizmo

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