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[Intro: Yasiin Bey]
Don't take this ass whippin' personally
(Conductor, we have a problem, Conductor, we have a problem, Conductor)
Ink well elegant, more medicine
Bey, Bey, Bey

[Verse 1: Yasiin Bey]
Ink well elegant, more medicine miracle
Past due perennials, point it's Ivan the Terrible
Graveyard footfall, sound God bury site
Batman, Earth slam, Joker to the tanzanite
Matte-black dynamite, blast radius, black radio
Core capability, Flacko facility

Fly guy, do or die, Bedstuy energy
Semper Fi, B-E-Y
These hoes hilarious, the cardiac serious
Cartier tank top, blow the central bank up
It's all where your bank's chucked, nah, baby, it ain't luck
Days without a way, we prayed, then we made one
See that God graced us with flavors and fountains
X amount of mountains, X amount of X amount, it's countless
Your wizard is a fraud, what you afraid for?
Saw a lot of thunder, no rainfall
Keynote considered glowin', get the geometrics, true and living

[Verse 2: Talib Kweli]
The stars of the story got him movin' different
Goofy niggas, the hate be in they genes like it's they true religion
If it isn't love, it must be new addition
Flygods, nah, we don't believe in superstitious
Superman to man, see through the system with my supervision
Power, the spirit'll grab it like tabernacle
The voice of the people keep it deeper than an Adam's apple

Yeah, even more than before
I said what I said 'cause I saw what I saw
Son swore he ain't the boys, but always callin' the law
Got him actin' unhinged, like a door on the floor
Yeah, I'm never silent, always speakin' up
Personally, I find that you cowardly niggas weak as fuck
When justice, no peace too much, could never be enough
Louder than the bomb, but we turnin' up 'til the speakers bust
Living on the road, Mama framing my tour posters
Stay away from these industry agents, they all vultures
We breakin' up these toys, 'cause they faker than small soldiers
I don't know why they do it, but it can't be for the culture
Claimin' la costa notra, we in love with the coca
They hit niggas with the RICO, AP comported in cola
A generational wealth, they standin' on they ancestor's shoulders
Have to burn it down, Tulsa, Oklahoma

[Verse 3: Westside Gunn]
Ayo, Goyard messenger hangin' off the shoulder
Layin' on the bunk, screamin' "Three for his sofa"
And three mans help, rockin' three man (Three man)
Catch you in the shower, nigga, keep playin' (Nigga, keep playin')
My shit feel like it's Illmatic again, my favorite fiend went to rehab
Two weeks later, he was back a addict again (Addict again)
He was three dollars short, had to drag him from the Benz wagon again (Skrrt, ah)
Crashed it, bought another toy (Another tour)
He did a tour, chef lover boy (Lover Boy)
Everybody know my dean, burnt clean (Ah)
Fendi sweatpants, got the MAC on a drawstring
My nigga hit me just to say he got the biggest lock in Orleans
I had the thirty-eight in fourteen (Fourteen)
Eric got a poncho, blanco
So much coke, he had to get the baking soda from Costco's
My shooter sniffin' coke, like Ja Bones (Sniff)
Dried colored chicken with the tombs on
Get your helluva mind blown (Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom)
Your stylist picked it out with the eyes closed, Gucci highs with the rhinestones (Woo)
When you see the red wagon, you know it's happenin' (Skrrt)
Desert in a done heel, niggas know what's brackin' (Ah)
Red soles on the Loubs, I'm a show assassin (Ah)
Hopped out at Carbone, all the cameras flashin'
Hopped out at Carbone, all the bitches grabbin' (Woo)
Bitches love the Flygod, all these niggas cappin' (Woo)
LV snapback with the Crips that's backwards (Ah)

Westside Gunn watching from the front row over there
Like you said, Excalibur, hip-hop royalty in the house here tonight on Rampage
Both inside and outside the ring
Look at him, he's texting me right now
He wants some advice on his career
Yeah, how to-, how to kick people

Westside Gunn - Peppas Songtext

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Album: 10 (2022)

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