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Makin′ my way through the southern states gotta dizzy feelin' in my head
Troats all dry my body′s tired i' m ten miles above the sea bed
Distance lights betray the sight of a village in the dusk
Bodies screaming and heads are shakin' to a rock ′ n ′ rollin' n thrust
Let′ em in let' em in light the light
Hey hey Maccumba
See me comin′ better run for your life
Hey hey Macumba
Why did you why did you come along
Hey hey Macumba
Cos' i didn′t think i was doin' no wrong
Hey hey Macumba
Heeyyy heeyyy hey

Through they kept on night and day with a dance of fear and blood
Don Cortez and his Aztec friends just doin' the best that they could
I realized I′d gone back in time to a land of a thousand years
No shiny Limousines just dreams and hopes and fears

Titanic - Macumba Songtext

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Macumba Songtext von Titanic

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