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Let me tell you bout' my baby She's a moonlit mile out on Route 80 She's a stone-dead tease and I beg and I beg her, please! But ain't no mother, sister, daughter gonna save me

My balls are a hurricane of squirmin' pain burnin, churnin yearnin to get they sperm into another plane, who's to blame?

Fences of consequences, futility, responsibility, what's illin me,... leaves me screamin!

Keeps me just dreamin about the meanin' of my goddamn semen

I need to get laid badly, hello I love you madly Shutup Jim you hippie, if you were here I'd rip the.. Shit out of your head but you're already fuckin dead (yeah, Jim Morrison...!)

Another fine day for killin' We got murder in our bones In the United States of Senseless Pain Look out for people you don't even know

I Cum Apart

Invisible forces makin' me miserable courses through my brain Insane, make me wanna get slain by a P-G and that's "I" in between Got a deadly machine that'll make you go cold and you'll never grow old and it's easily sold What is that? You ask what is that, it's called the gat And if they let loose this gat... you're gonna hit the mat with a splat and that's that! (Ah!)

It's a cool way to die on the highway we lie in pieces like Reeses the lease is up You couldn't give a twitch, let alone a fuck We used to look like Ken and Terry's now like Ben and Jerry's Fillin' cemetaries with memoraries (sic) Say goodbye to all the Jens, Jills, Karens, Sharons, Jennifers, Elizabeths and Kerrys Oh and the cherries...
Ah that sacred blood on my hands I respect her for the privilege forever

That blood won't be back again, not now not never... no Like Mark David Chapman, playin' a game of Pacman On Yoko Ono's Afghan... it ain't gonna happen!

I hate this show, I hate this fuckin' show Feels like I'm trapped in a bad video... And it keeps comin' back to me son In my dreams or awake a constant fucking re-run... Begone! Ah I'd like to make those images scramble But alas I can't change the fuckin' channel...

I Cum Apart

Some times I feel like a wheel goin' round round round Gone to high and I can't come down And the world is a maze and our God is a clown and I bash my brains to the final sound Of the end about to come.. apart but wake up and it still ain't done And the day after that it'll still get sung, like it has always from the start...

The O - I Cum Apart Songtext

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