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[Round 1: T-Rex]
Grown man bars, something he gotta deal with
No matter how of them fabricated lines he 'bout to say
It ain't gon’ equal up to this real shit
Rex, Lux, Mook, Serius Jones, oh my motherfuckin god
I'm happy these niggas out of retirement
But I'm still the best nigga on this motherfuckin' card
He told Hitman Holla he was trying to build
And you was trying to bring New York down
Say that now that you in front of this New York crowd
New York came to the Lou' and skipped to your town
So every time y'all on the rise we shoot y'all down
You battled your man for the crown?
That's some faggot shit Mook could have that shit

Cause loyalty is bigger than this battle shit
He battled Hollow two rounds, yes he did
But if I give ‘em two hollow rounds out this Sig'
He'll be pulled off this stage and battling to live
Have your lines together that's what you better do
Cause putting holes in clothes & taking niggas souls is what that berretta do
III got out of line, I had to teach him a lesson too
So X-Factor should be getting this ass whooping instead of you
You see Verb, I ain't that nigga you could beat Verb
Ask about 'em they'll tell it, I'm really in the street Verb
Me, I let it squeeze Verb, try it, you'll see (C) Verb
I get Aye Verb D-verbed that mean I'll DE Verb
You battled your lil bro, Hitman, that prove that you was weak Verb
Before me and K-Shine battle
We'll fist fight in the middle of the street Verb
I'm using that Mac, I'll apple + Z + delete Verb
When that tech go, you hear an echo, that's a reverb
Gangsta? That ain't you I need to see ID
I'm good in the gun store, I got a VIP
I'm a rapper and a shooter like Chi Ali

I'm a breakdown his name, everybody in that V gonna be in a ER, B
Ayo Mickey, this nigga forgot YouTube is public?
Anybody could log in
So his son could see his daddy getting snuffed and run
So he'll get snuffed and run, he'll feel like there's nothing wrong then
That's the life of getting raised by a dyke
He act like a nigga but he think like a bitch
Since his mom eat pussy, he'll suck a nigga dick
Ayo Q-Tip, if a nigga wouIda decked me on camera I would've been on his block hoodied up
Clip wouldn't have had no room, I would've fueled it up Crackheads would've came after I was done to pick the bullet-
Long story short, he would've been dead before he but that footage up
A nigga swing on Randy, Randy gon swing back It ain't about T-Rex
Fuck being tough, that's just a real nigga reflex
I'll ride through Verb hood and get his whole team wet
But your Diddy, I'ma confess to the body 10 years later, I'm like G-Dep
We different, he fuck with party promoters to make cheese
I fuck with niggas that got docket numbers and state greens
I rob him with the blade, I wouldn't even let that 80 scream
But I promise I'ma but that blade on him, I catch him shaving cream
I'm sorry to my fans if I don't Tweet a lot
The grams is high and niggas is hungry where I'm from I gotta feed the block
Youngins 17, more stripes than a Zebra got
Can't even spell his name but he'll show you how to squeeze a Glock
But he's raw, thirsty to let it squeeze off
My little niggas let them fly, why you think they call em a G for (4)?
We all apes, but I'm Caesar, he get me mad I bring out the gorillas and have everything on smash
Nigga you ain't the truth, you won't cock it and aim a few
Your city ashamed of you, a bitch is what they think of you Getting decked and running on camera no bang or shoot
Put a check on his head, his death is the right thing to do
I'm in your dreams it's like I'm haunting you nigga It ain't nothing, I'll have bullets in every part of you nigga
It ain't nothing to send them sparks to you nigga
So if I but them two birds to your hat it ain't the Cardinals nigga
It ain't nothing to have them Dot Mob sharks on you nigga
But I'm not gon’ front cause I'm at home, I'm not Arsonal nigga
Ayo I'ma leave with this nigga head, y'all already know my slogan
No, no, no, no, no, this nigga gay
And to prove that, I'ma bring out exhibit A

[Round 1: Aye Verb]
You told me Math was soft Rex and don't believe that nigga
Cause Dot Mob, y'all the streets, I didn't believe that nigga
Cause when he pressed you on the phone, you didn't wanna see that nigga
You went from being a killer to "Nah, nah I'm not a killer, that's not in my character."
Damn, Harlem produce a lot of fucking G-Depp niggas
You, Murda Mook and Louie the 13th embarrassing Harlem
Cause everybody knows three can take away one
So what the fuck is an difficult bout that Math problem?
Y'all walk around like it's all G, bruh, Algebra, it's fucking comedy
With that gat Math went over Mook head, that's trigonometry
One nigga divided y'all circle up, took away y'all street cred
And multiplied his stats
Where we don't equal up at, is lull ain't make that thunder clap
Y'all ain't want none of that and nigga that's the sum of that
So tonight don't say that you a real nigga
Cause the real you embarrass us
And you already told us it's not in your character
He expected me to rap about his scuffles and the fists he got
I'm a rap bout that fact how you ugly as fuck but still prettier than Star Smiles
That ugly ass bitch you got
Now when I first heard you had a gal, I was happy like "good"
Til I found out that your new bitch was some old pussy
That used to belong to Shotgun Suge
You love this battle shit, an this line only gets worst
Cause if you ever had to battle Suge
You winning a coin toss wouldn't rattle Suge
Cause when it come to shit you love, Suge always go first
I heard she pregnant too Rex
Congratulations you can trust her don't worry
Just remember, that kid is still yours
Even if he come out over 6'4" screaming out "Jersey!"
If it fucked you for a long time and it's the end of that road sign
And they know my slogan when it's go time
So it's (SHOWTIME!)
On everything, you a fraud Rex, impostor King of lying (Lion); Mufasa
When I pop up on his corner like a popup, he shocked like Blanka
He soft an I ain't gotta 2Pac him
I can boo bop him, but still I'm in that ski mask, Blue Blockers
Tube socks up, new chopper
Empty that and get to banging on that tummy like Kumala
Holla at his bitch like *Skrrr!* yeah, you mama
Chop it up with her, tell her I'm trying to chop her
Then finish her, cut the bitch up, she get baraka'd
When you talk that real shit to them real simps
You sound like a true mobster
But in the presence of another real nigga
Your pepper spray is like a binaca to a Rottweiler
Let's put them bars to the test you know, real quick
Let's see if your real shit could equal up to some REAL real shit
I got a partner from a lil loc I came with
We both from the hood, both didn't have fathers
Our life story the same shit
Except I chose to be famous and he chose the gang shit
Doing the gang shit, that heroin got 'em and it changed him
When he sober, he see me and it's a head nod
When he high, he nodding off looking at me like a stranger
So you could sit on stage and lie and spit your nice raps
You trying to win a battle, I'm trying to win my nigga's life back
See how easy I just made him look cheesy?
This fucking rap nigga Rex only look greasy in front of them rap geeks them Mac Miller's
I don't fuck with these Dot Mob niggas, it's that simple
We could never see eye to eye because it's beef
And with beef, I see shit from one side like Jack Thriller
Look like Harlem don't control shit in this motherfucking city Y'all hear the nigga snitching and still pitching Harlem couldn't control Nicki
Harlem can't control ASAP, he make Texas music and sip sizzy
Harlem can't control they hoes, Jim Jones can't even control Chrissy
Tonight I'm the controller, fall right, last year I left up in the air
I ain't get down about it pop, I came back with this baby uzi
Head shaking like a dual shock
Unbutton my top button, hop up in that square
Where any nigga in your circle, fuck waiting
I swing first, I start shit like the X button on PlayStation

[Round 2: T-Rex]
Grown man bars, something he gotta deal with
No matter how many of them fabricated lines he just spit It ain't gon’ equal up to this real shit
Hitman had you beat, Big Gerald made it debatable
But my pops ain't here to adlib an ain't no saving you
My pops also taught me how to pick it up and cock back
But since we on the level of pop, I'ma send you up to where my pop at
I ain't come here to rap about this nigga's waves or his haircut
Cause I can give that blade a wave and have everybody in here cut
I'm a scalp him til his spine is broken, he can't stand us
Paralyze him, make him appreciate trying to stand up
New Sig help me do some cruel shit
Like putting a hollow tip bullet in this dude wig
It's too big, it got a scope and a new lens
Even if it's miles away it helps me zoom in
Back shots have his head gone, hollows have his legs torn
You can't dodge death dog, unless you got lotion made of Teflon
Or every time you get out your bed you you’re your vest on
I'm a different man, I clap him with the left, then switch the hand
And post a pic of his head split on Instagram
This revolver wouldn't jam, not even a little
But if he do, lima beat him with the handle, I'm all dribble
Believe or not this is word to Jesus socks
Squeeze and pop that Glock until his Caesar drop
If he balling this where his season stop
You won't know whether to call Q-Tip or the cops
The way his breathing stop (Breathe & Stop)
This nigga mad gay, I'ma let that Mac spray
When I say I'm dumping the clips, I don't mean emptying an ashtray
When I say I'm dumping the clips, I don't mean Charlie on his last date
When I say I'm dumping the Clipse, I don't mean Pharrell on a mad day
Relax with Rex cause them killers will be at your neck
They was trained to use them Macs they like an apple tech
Relax with Rex, them killers will be at your neck
And you know where them killers gon be pointing? At your apple, Tecs
No, relax with Rex my killers will be at your neck
My shooters coming from Philly, guess who gon spill his apple, Tec!
Anybody could lose, but ifs different, he got 3-0'd
That's what happens when you fuck with a Harlem nigga on beast mode
That .45 will give him 6, I get 'em Cee-Lo'd
Have kids downloading his death just like a cheat code
Ayo this nigga was talking all that Harlem shit right?
Me? I'm Paid In Full, Lulu my people
The DEA they try to give me a charge, called it Rico
Run up on your man Mitch like, that's them 12 kilos
And tell my story at the end, I'm Aceyto
We not equal, this nigga's a punching bag
Just for that I got bombs for hooks and I got guns for jabs
School of Hard Knock, I ain't ever been an undergrad
They ran the block I got the same position that my brother's had
I knew how to cut coke before cutting class
Nickels? 12/12 skinnys, weed in a oven bag
No bank account, your shoe box or your duffel bag
I'm serious, shit he rap about be getting me fucking mad
The shit he rap about is cool if that's what the fans like
My fault Diddy I rap serious cause I'm seriously living a grown man life
You know that selling work on the corner, that hand to hand life
Burner only sit up straight, when I got my pants tight
Them shotgun shells is red and lime green
When I squeeze it look like a Gucci crime scene
Them shotgun shells is red and lime green
When I squeeze, I'm Gucci before the crime scene
I was all at your city, at the slip and at Bottoms Up
If you slip, then you getting hit from the bottom up
Take me bout a half an hour to load that chopper up
I ain't coming to speak when I any I'm willing to chop it up
Mook wanted 25K to kill a nigga that's ill
For that 10K Diddy got, I'll kill this nigga FOR REAL!
Y'all already know my slogan, THIS NIGGA DEAD!!!

[Round 2: Aye Verb]
I told my bruh I had Rex next, he said Rex a bull, don't get murked
Right then and thurr, I made sure every punchline was ughh! Just Berserk
I watched all this nigga's battles and got a confidence burst
Cause his rd rounds be uhhh, his 3'd even worse
So you like a bitch on government assistance Rex
You only good on the first
He told III what comes around goes around
So every time you come around you letting go a round
Wrong! Not where we from, cause if you come around and let go a round you don't get a second
You and the nigga that drove you both getting wetted
Y'all get buried together, that's a common ground
Comes around, goes around, common ground
Whatever, that's my style I started it
With a rhyme an smart and shit, it sound like some retarded shit
You said since me and Hitman battled we some fake ass rappers
That's why I know you ain’t from the hood cause when you in the hood
You throw hands with your nigga and then you shake hands after
You let a nigga tell you I was soft and you believed it yourself?
Well how bout, fuck the rest of my 2"d round Rex
We can square off right now Rex and bitch nigga you can see for yourself
It's too easy to break 'em down, URL spoils me nigga
And X-Factor address mine, so it's only right that we address his loyalty nigga
Before we go, Rex, do you swear to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help you God?
Nah of course he don't
Did you go to St. Louis and say, and I quote
"All the shit that we'd a done, all the ways Smack eating from
He wouldn't of sold not one of them DVD's if my face wasn't on the cover. Not even one."
Then you took it a step further and this where it stop being fun
Cause you start joking, screaming out Cheech & Chong
In front of Smack Korean son
Now Smack his big bruh and a lot of shit for me he's done
But we don't talk on the phone like that
So how the fuck I'm supposed to know he got a Korean son?
This fucking scum!
Who left URL and went to Battle America
After Hitman built Battle America, found out dude was a snake and left
Dude came to you like, "Rex you a straight vet, you gon’ be our new face, yep."
You think ifs a coincidence that you and Hitman both dark skin
Y'all both aggressive, hoods even pump the same set?
Dumb ass! Seneca just needed a new Bad Boy to clone Holla sound
So nigga that makes you Loon after Ma$e left
You got any nigga in your corner that can vouch for your realness?
I need them on the stage and cross examine your witness
Cause you a dick jumper, a switch Sider, you get jumped, don't get live
You just lie, won't kill nothing or let shit die
You not street, you get drunk, you babble off the liquor
You guilty of being a fraud Smack, bang the gavel on this nigga
Throw 'em under the jail, throw some gravel on this nigga
I'll get a blade, take four steps in his lane and poke on him
Travel on this nigga
K-Shine be out here yelling out "Get that nigga Rex!"
Nigga y'all was in St. Louis buying pussy just to get you niggas sex
I thought with y'all New York swag y'all could've talked something through
But Rex and Shine weren't the only niggas buying pussy Goodz bought some too
I shouldn't even waste bars on these niggas fam'
The pussy stock market rise in St. Louis when these niggas land
I ain't got no beef with you, bitch!
You think beef is some Twitter shit?
I'm talking that real nigga shit, like beef is when my diet change
For 30 days it's Ramen Noodles, no lobster tails
And I'm in yo’ hood hunting you, in a cheap motel
With a rusty .38 and a box of shells
You think beef is some Twitter shit?
I'm talking that real nigga shit
Like beef is when I follow your gal to the gym, cop a membership
Wait til she leave yoga class and bend the bitch
You think beef is some Twitter shit?
I'm talking that real nigga shit
Y'all married to that sucks shit, that's why sucks shit approach ya
I propose that y'all engage in some get back
And quit acting like hoes bruh
Provoke us and y'all gon’ see toasters, like we wedding gift opening
And all my niggas shoot from long range
Like J.J. Reddick was coaching 'em

[Round 3: T-Rex]
Grown man bars, something he gotta deal with
No matter how many of them fabricated lines he just said
It ain't gon’ equal up to this real shit
I'ma be honest Verb, I don't got nothing against you, that's real shit
Mickey Factz my man, but stop stopping the crowd from booing
They don't wanna hear bullshit
Sometimes when niggas in a battle they enter a lose-lose
It be the opponents at certain times these dudes choose
Cause on this URL stage it be kinda hard to choose who's who
Cause for two years in a row at summer madness Smack needed a sacrificial lamb and he choosed you
He wanna talk some real nigga shit, I'ma do it to
You think Smack really feeling you nigga?
If he throw a battle in your town, of course he gotta chill with you nigga
But I'ma keep it real with you, he ain't feeling you niggas
That's why he got all the new guys on stage
Getting kilt by his original niggas
I know everybody saw that blog he did, right?
So let’s get to the picture, give us the details
Did she send it through a fax? Did she send it through an email?
Or did that shit come straight thru your phone right to a damn text
And your homo ass looked at that picture, saw I was packing and said "DAMN Rex!"
Let me ask him one more thing, did you tie your shirt up in the back put on some spandex
Look in the mirror then looked at that picture then go, "DAMN Rex!"
Or did you do a front hand stretch and looked at that picture ag-Fuck it
I'll have bullets all through his man Wreck
Bullets going all through him ripping all through his damn flesh
Blood all over the place, it's a damn mess
Doctor standing over his body going "DAMN REX!"
The raps I do it could go through the radio
The shit that I be doing I'm letting the 80 blow
Had to do that Busta Rhymes flow going crazy yo
Now let's get back to this picture, who sent it to you?
Was it Chaz with the green eyes or is it Chasity?
Goodz fucked, Shine fucked, he's fucked
And they said "Rex you can go after me."
Any other nigga would've been thirsty, I mean glad to be
But it was a sign on her behind that said "Capacity"
Ayo but I'm not mad at she cause hoes do hoe shit
Like suck a nigga whole dick, fuck a nigga whole clique
Or send a nigga her own pic
But she also did a little pillow talking about yo' bitch
She told us Verb girl name is Armani and things
She be on backpage.com selling her body and things
For a couple of them molly's she'll hop in your Range
I gave her A E, you should've seen how me and Armani Exchanged
I was all through this nigga's city, niggas was telling me about you dude
It's more shit than you getting punched in the face on Youtube
They told me about some grimy shit that you do
And you roll with a couple of niggas that let they tool shoot
But when that police got 'em in that dark room, he cartoon
He start giving the Blue's Clues
Now even though you told with your greasy ass
Them bullets gon’ go straight through, they got EZ Pass
No-no, I said even though you tolled with your greasy ass
Them bullets gon’ go straight- fuck it
I could hit anybody in your crew with Tecs
Cause to be honest III would've told you there's nothing you can do with Rex
You want it with war? Let's meet up and let the pumps off
This letter is to you, P.S. I'm at your front door
These Glocks will get 'em detoxed, I mean drug off
Or that can will put him in the air just like a jump ball
I damage rap niggas, them hammers clap victims
If he live he'll need a van with a handicap sticker
I use the mug, thirsty to let the tooly blast
It’s ironic how shooting could make a nigga pass
Verb can't do nothing with me, I'll whip his ass
Me losing to you? Tah (Utah), you talking Jazz
I start fire drills with that 9
When that thing start ringing, everybody get in line
They say death come in 3's and it' 3 niggas by the side
Now they trying to decide which one of 'em is gon’ survive
Now don't cheat me and say this man won
Cause that s exactly what the judge gon give me, man one
Murder in the first degree with a handgun
Ayo nah I'm joking Mickey, they gon’ give me a man 2
Cause I ain't just kill you, I killed your man too
Cocked it, put one in his head, gave his man two
Cause if I take the risk/wrist I might as well take the hand too
It's drama, pop 'em, hit that nigga chest
Let that Llama, cock IT I drop IT rip through that nigga vest
Let it go "pop-pop-pop-pop-poppa" go get that nigga wet
K-Shine in the back yelling "GET THAT NIGGA REX!!!!"
I'ma cock it, I'ma pop it I'ma empty the trey 8
And be standing over his body with the Stevie J face
You see I'm leaving with this nigga head
I ain't even have to do that round but...

[Round 3: Aye Verb]
This time I'ma kill you by simply keeping it real
And showing the whole world how much of a lil nigga you is
Mixed with a little son in you, like you Theo, I'm Bill
Wait, y'all hear that? I hear the music of Set It Off playing
The part when Cleo got killed
Summer Madness I feel a cold coming
This the round where you see his nose running
This the round where I take the soul from him
This the round where I educate Rex on how to be a better man
And in lights to get further, he needs change
It's time I take that toll from him
Ain't this a bitch!
All of a sudden you pro New York
These your kin folk homie? Well aye New York!
When I was finna battle Math Hoffa
Who y'all think was giving me all the info on him?
Tell the truth Rex you might as well
You look just like a rat, but you don't got a tail
I said you look just like a rat, but you don't gotta tell
Oh fucking well, he ordered Verb, I'm like "Which version?" That wit person or that Swiss surgeon?
Either or I'll take him out like a bitch splurging
Get nervous, if I breeze through, 112 and don't even speak to you
My right hand is waving a 5, but I ain't greeting you
Left hand, your bitch on my line she any she leaving you
You sending dick pictures online, she can't believe this you
Damn fraud, nigga you ain't start rapping no real shit
Til you started fucking with Dan Barz
Difference between me and you, I close my eyes and scenes rewind
Then I talk that shit, you watch niggas lives and write battle rhymes
Rex you was taught that shit
An OG told me, "The man that knows he knows nothing, knows everything."
Get some bread you put some to the side, don't blow everything
Never give a fuck about words, so everything
Beef come just be a little more aware and load everything
Grown ass man I'm on that grown man tip
You rep grown man bars but don't say grown man shit
Like you think it's cool to hang in the hood and post in front of the store?
That's only cool for old fools that never done it before
When you a kid that has nothing you grow and want an much more
He must've never wore a pair of XJ900's before
I'm confused, he say he raise the Llama
But I heard he ain't raise his voice at Tsu Surf
For him and his boys getting on camera
Running your baby mama
Now ifs cool for niggas to fuck your BM if you don't date the bitch
I would've told Surf, "Nigga you can smash all you want
But lil nigga don't tape the shit
Cause film is forever and I don't want my kid to face the shit
What if he flip out on me and get on some old crazy shit?"
I'm nothing like you, I hate you battle rapping ass niggas
They run a train on your kids mother and you be dapping these niggas?
Why you ain't smacking these niggas?
Where all them straps you be gripping?
The put on a show with your baby mama
Why you ain't clap at these niggas?
You ain't a father, you a fuck boy
You ain't a motherfucking G
You a coward, you a clown, some shit that I'ma never be
The well being of the child is most important you fool
Ayo Rex!
That's the way your son gon’ talk to you!

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