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Eating apples in the yard
You  don't know what makes you happy
All  the colors in your memories
Bleeding out your ears
I'll come knocking soon enough
It'd  be easy just to see me
Every  incident between us as a choking of the wind
Daytime in your foggy light
I'll  keep sitting by the curbside
Watching rainbows in the gutter
You lose even souvenirs
Some suggestion that you made
Living  free as breathing water

All the similarities between the salt lake and the sea

Repetition blowing on
I don't know what was the question?
Are you honest on the telephone?
Here to just move on
Awkward angels in the snow
What if I just want a family?
Rockets sailing through the morning light
Silence and the sky
In the future there is love
I tell myself when I wake up
Birds in rain and strangers on the bus
Giving me advice
Keep a light on while I'm gone
Little memories when you lie there
All the years as blurry cars and trees
Screaming right past me

Strange Ranger - Living Free Songtext

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Living Free Songtext von Strange Ranger

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