Paps & Alien Cut - 50 Special Text

Songtext zu 50 Special

[Round 1: Fonz]
Hold it down, hold it down
Yo, after I fuck this nigga up, I'mma be #1 for Champion of the Year
'Cause, nigga, I done had a crazy run
Kings vs. Queens 3, UM5, SM12
A lotta bread, I done made me some
They said they weren't fuckin' wit' Fonz on Summer Madness
They ain't faze me none
'Cause Smack seen how I handled the boos (booze), then he gave me...
They said all I do is PUNCH!
Nigga, stop it!
And if all I do is punch, then, nigga, (block it!)
And y'all know how this thing gon' go
All that tough shit just gon' make a nigga swing on bro

Throw that Crip shit in my face, then the heat gon' blow
EST Gee: they said I (eye) fucked up, but now this nigga can't C (see) no mo'!
You want zero smoke!
That tough act gon' gеt a nigga SHOT!
I'm a used car salesman: I let this lеmon off a lot!
Put a nigga in a box
We do not do cameras
Hop out, chrome-grippin', pole (Po) kickin': that's Kung Fu Panda
Bro dead!
It's gon' start wit' a kick, then end wit' a grip: it's a moped
Left hook! Right hook! His nose bled
The Alien sleep on his feet: he a Conehead

Yeah! (x9)

Yeah, this battle got me some mo' bread
But I been spazzin', bitch
Wit' this rappin' and trappin' shit
Yeah, we had bags of sniff, and sent them on acid trips

Peter Pan
You know what I did to put food on my table?
You couldn't even imagine, Nit' (it)
But we had bags of that, and jars of this
And the bags was fat, and the jars was thick
I'm talkin' highs and the lows, nigga, all for cheap
If you want it, you can talk to me
I got a connect on the 'bows like Glorilla and Cardi B
Talk is cheap!
Nigga, talk is cheap!
Fuck all that Insane shit!
Nigga, you gon' have to show me you crazy
'Cause for a zip, my man'll put a hole in your lady
But for 125 grams, Rum, he'll put fo' in (and) a baby
I ain't no Internet nigga!
My name shouldn't be in your mentions
I really be in the trenches
And all these niggas who holla they (holiday) wit' the 4th is finna be in da pendants (Independence)
Nigga, we ain't gotta drag this shit out
You gave Geechi 75 racks
So when you die, you can't even pay for your funeral
It's gon' be too much cash to dish out
They gon' have to cremate you, and give your remains to your daughters
And your kids gon' have to ration Nit' (it) out
I'll trash this bitch house!
We do home invasions - nigga, ask around
I'll catch you in that Crip mansion wit' Geechi, and run up in that mu'fucka blastin' rounds
How ironic - a Insane nigga in a Nut house (nuthouse)
And everybody in that room gettin' patted (padded) down
Drag you out!
That's when the heater get to blammin'
Nosy-ass neighbor, I can see that he Hispanic
I thought he was callin' Gotti
'Cause he kept yellin' out, "Bay! Ay!"
But that's "B&E" in Spanish!
It don't matter if he run with Crips
He gon' leave wit' a ruptured disc, busted lip
Overhand slump this bitch
Underhand make a soft bald (softball) nigga adjust his pitch
Clutch a stick!
Nigga, somethin' out the chrome'll fly
Drive-by, steel (still) wavin' like a long goodbye
Your bro gon' die!
Man, I've been tryin' to kill this man for months
But they told me I had to change the pace up just so I can stand a chance with bruh
Y'all be playin' too much
You know the difference from a soft jab and a Hulk smash?
I know how to land a punch
I know you're all fans of bruh
And all that talk of how the cans'll dump
How his shotty'll blam niggas
New .40s wit' hair-triggers
And wit' that type of content, Nit' (continent), you can never body a Land nigga
It's scary for ya
I've been killin' shit all year, and I ain't gotta change in front of this bum nigga
So stop expectin' me to spare a Quarter!
Prepare for torture
Bullets rain, look like a hell of a light storm
They found the Alien on the streets, and I don't think that's an intelligent life form
Get a bitch smoked
Acid breakin' down a Quarter like a marketing team
That shit gross!
Big toast!
You know how long I been holdin' this P (pee)!?

[Don Marino]
How long?

I really got a pistol! (gotta piss tho')
Get did wrong!
And I'm out in Arizona lookin' for him
By myself, 'cause I don't want a co-de' to turn fed on me
He got KG wit' him? That's cool
I got some lead on me
And long as they got the bread for me
Then I'mma take Rum and Poet (po' it) out, on the dead homies
And a nigga can't stop that shit!
Once a bitch gets shot, that's it!
One to the mug, will spill Rum, on his $25,000 alpaca rug
And you can't get it out if you scrub
Nigga, you gon' have to BLOTCH that shit!

[Round 1: Rum Nitty]
Y'all ready?
Rum Nitty vers' Vince Young
My fault, my fault, my fault, I slipped up
Rum Nitty vers' the Fonz, Ty Bogan
This bitch done
Off the rip, believe he dyin'
A clean sweep, threepeat, I got the cheat sheet rhymin'
They say the Alien be sittin' on bars...(like E.T. ridin')
This is finna be a war for the books
So fuck a time limit this battle
I told Troy, "Let me cook"
And this lil' nigga Fonz (finds) a dead man, soon as it starts, like Boyz n the Hood
I'm the reason they be runnin'!
It won't be easy you try and get me out my spot
I'm just keepin' it 100
At least (lease) that's what they wanted
I don't gotta pay
The squad'll (squatter) move on you for free
That shit is nothin'
In somethin' rented-

Y'all jumpin' too early

I'm the reason why they runnin'!
It won't be easy you try and get me out my spot
I'm just keepin' it 100
At least (lease) that's what they wanted
I don't gotta pay
The squad'll (squatter) move on you for free
That shit is nothin'
Pull up in somethin' rented, and it's tinted (tenant) out
Now the Land Lord a victim (evict 'em)
But I don't need no kinda judgement!
Switch the subject!
This nigga gah-bage
How is he even in a conversation with me?
Y'all just be talkin'
'Cause all he do is punch? Well, nigga, stop it
'Cause your originality lessens (lessons), every bar
So it's easy (Eazy) for me to Block it!
I'm the top pick, and your death awaits wit' it
I don't never play, so my lines resonate different
This .9 heavyweight, nigga
The clip longer than the dictionary
And I'll give da Fonz (defines) everything in it!
On site we can get active now
You'll see a green dot
Back-to-back Haymakers in a chain, sound like T-Top
Said he was gon' smoke me in a small room
I think not
'Cause I hold the power in (and) the Volume like a screenshot!
Please try!
I'll do a nigga bad
I'm the one that pulled somethin' from the boot and capped little Iron
Y'all remember, fam'?
The Monopoly pieces? I was in my bag
We even had a classic in front of the Community, Chess (Chest)
And you ain't make it past Virginia Ave!
You trash!
I'll catch this bitch down in the lobby kickin' it: Kareem Hunt
See if he can punch wit' a hole in him: Capri-Sun
I'm havin' one of those episodes again: it's a rerun!
Hit Ty (tie) up in the back like a hospital gown...and he gon' need one!
Heat dump!
I'm wit' all that fasho'
You simply rap
They be actin' like they finna clap - they won't
These niggas actually hoes
But they get bolder (boulder) rollin' behind somebody like Indiana Jones
I'm wit' all that alone
I can't lie, my niggas take lives
It's a type of activities that go on when the gang slide
Pullin' through your neighborhood, broad day, don't waste time
Lookin' for any violation, then they gon' send eight yo' way, Fonz (HOA fines)
You may die
Glock .9
Ain't nobody safe when these shots fly
His mom cry, whinin' (wine-ing) on the box, hung over (hungover)
Like, "What did Rum do to my Ty!?" (mai tai)
I'm a livewire

I can't rap over y'all, bro

[Guy in crowd]
Ay, Conceited! Stay away from Rum!

[Rum Nitty]
I'm a livewire
I'm finna be on the run for downin' somethin'
On the loose, avoidin' orange suits and county numbers
This Cal', I up it
You'll get a round for nothin'
But ain't this exactly what Fonz (finds) wanted, people?
Now I'm duckin' a bounty hunter!
I can't be around you suckas!
Fuck Cabin Life! I think y'all niggas scared
You'll get a bullet in the temple for a line that you said
Where was his squad at when dawg caught the lead?
The last thing he gon' remember is the Cabin, soon as it lodge in his head!
I ain't you!
Raise tool, a couple break loose
I don't need no type of reaction, okay, cool?
Real rap, no punchlines
These Calico(e) rounds be goin' straight through
Get a face shoot
Brain blew, brain juice!
Everything mist (missed)...he think I can't shoot!
I'm 'bout to send a nigga to Hell wit' this lead
Close-range, shell to the leg, shell to the head
When the spirit leave the body, it's like T.I.
You can tell when he dead!
I got many 'Ks!
No matter where we at...pick a stage
I'd-a shot the Volume (Valium) up so much, they woulda thought it was Civil War anyway!
You can't keep it real yourself
Nigga, suicide, or (I'll do the job...)

[Round 2: Fonz]
I said, I open-palm slap niggas like bitches
Boy, I hit hard, it's legendary
And I'll slap the shit outta yo' ass...
And give you the paws ("Pause") if necessary

Fuck? The fuck?
Y'all got me fucked up (x3)

I'll slap the shit outta yo' ass...
And give you the paws ("Pause") if necessary!
Me and my dogs was never scary
If you don't wanna see this list legit
Then watch the word that you speakin' from your lips
You know what's up
I'm goin' Dutch
Meanin' I will split everything before I let a nigga treat me like a bitch
As evil as it gets
No remorse when the chrome unloadin'
I was raisin' my arm and squeezin' my trigger wit' muscle memory
No emotion (know a motion)
A tool slap you!
Scrape a little piece off of his shit like a stool sample!
You let them dudes gas you
This shit is all basic to me
Niggas ain't who they claimin' to be
Boy, I will split your shit half-and-half like a Arnold Palmer
And let them Arizona niggas put his face on a T (tea)!
This shit disturbin'!
They gon' find a C curled up: it's in cursive
Rushin' him to the hospital, this shit is urgent!
Body get to goin' in shock, he don't deserve this
And the doctor said he won't make it in his current condition
So now they gotta take a vote (volt) on whether to unplug you or try to bring a surgeon (surge in)
I'm sendin' shots at Every Fuccin' Bar, and then I'm swervin'
I'm tryna bomb Bay (Bombay) and Rum in a Sub-bourbon! (Suburban)
I'm a wordsmith
I really be murderin' opps
I just gave y'all a whole liquor scheme like, "I know this'll rock (Ciroc)."
This a Glock!
I done really turned squads into casualties
Pull this tool from my waist, then shoot in your face
Geechi clutchin' (clutch in) the 4th
He really got that Mamba mentality
You can't rap wit' me!
I know that got all of 'em pissed
And when I said you was Mayweather and I was Tank, I wasn't just talkin' my shit
When they told me "Rum put in more time", I don't argue wit' this
But bitch, I been puttin' in work, too
Shit, the moment I clocked in is when it started to shift!
I'm wired wrong!
I'm WIRED wrong!
I will break your entire arm wit' a Tony Stark super suit, attire on
Fire drawn!
If I let this bitch clap, then it's able
Put a Alien in the trunk of a Mercury
It's a Crip in the back of this Sable (disabled)
They can't save you!
Ain't gon' be no protection in here
'Cause ain't nothin' in that mu'fuckin' trunk, Smack, but death and despair (the spare)
You better prepare!
Nigga, we don't give a fuck about no gang
I get it...your man Nutty and you Insane
Well, tell your buddy I got aim
And I'm shootin' any nigga that's crazy in the range (and deranged)!
Nigga, BANG!
That's the type of shit that got y'all scared
And them Insane niggas gon' really know that somethin' off when they find out y'all not all there
You a square
You told Ward "don't sleep on the hands"
I said, y'all seen that shit that happened with him and Twork?
I don't believe what he's sayin'
Bro he actin', Toni Braxton, I know he pussy but everybody think he the man
All this squeezin' the can'
And every time you blast a round he gotta act it out
If you come on this Volume gettin' all animated then I'm smackin' Powell (smack & pow)
We was baggin' pounds
On the back block playin' Black Ops in the trap spot with the bells lined up like a jackpot
Get yo' ass shot
And I ain't sparrin' none of them clowns by ya
I'm goin' from California to Arizona with a Desert lettin' off wild fire
Whole car shot up
The Undertaker givin' the Tombstone a piledriver (to Powell driver)
I will clap this nigga
Pop up with one 30 (1:30) in the clip like I ain't pay my App subscription
You a rappin' nigga
I'll really put some lead in his shit
They asked me why I came through with the sweepers
I told 'em, "Cause (Cuz) Web(b)'s in this bitch"
I respect you, so I'ma follow your next moves
Check who?
It'll be a baby by Cuz (cous') like a Targaryen, they'll find 'em in cesspools (incest pools)
They said all I do is punch, nigga stop it
And if all I do is punch (well then nigga block it)
I hear y'all talkin' 'bout Fonz and the stumblin' and maybe I should change up the pace
But y'all don't know the ups and downs in this game I done faced
My nephew got killed by his friends they tried to act like he made a mistake
My sister came in my apartment like Sheneneh off Martin, nigga I could see the pain (Payne) in her face
But you lames can't relate, it was a bit depressin'
She looked at me, opened the do' and said, "Get to steppin'"
So it's hard to give you my best shit when my people done died
And that's the same thing yours gonna be sayin' when I'm squeezin' this .9
KG wishin' he could be by his side
Continue screen, you gon' need another Quarter just to keep you alive
Give me a reason to slide and I'ma shoot shit
Move bitch, I'ma stomp him out, remind Geechi of the Mook shit
I'm ruthless, that's why niggas can't stand me
If I squeeze tools then the C (sea) food, boy your muscles (mussels) will get to seizing a nigga blam heat
And ain't gon' be no plan B
Cause they told me this Crab was in his bag but this a scam P (scampi)
That been lame
And nigga my pen flame
So stop tellin' me that the 4th Quarter my end game

[Round 2: Rum Nitty]
They really booked this battle in the perfect place
No matter Civil War or Volume, when you accepted this, this was your first mistake
You about to get murked today
On cam' doin' all Ave moves
I wonder if acts like you to you in person, Nate (impersonate)
We get to swervin' late, slide to the spot
Kick the do', pistol low, actin' like we finna rob but we not
His girl like, "Leave us alone before I call the cops."
"Bitch do whatever floats ya boat. You just better get Ty (tied) to a doc(k)."
Off top, you see the way I'm movin'
And truthfully, if you bet on cuz tonight, I think y'all stupid
Yusef smoked him, you don't think I'll do it?
I'm really finna dawg Fonz, Drugz (dog finds drugs), like the K-9 unit
Ruthless, show you how the wolves move
He let DNA gas him up, that nigga fooled you
Tell him, "get in the loop", and we can go around next (necks) if Ty wins or not (tie Windsor knot), but you gon' have to pull through
Suit yourself, I don't think those light lines enough
I can't be the same fabric that y'all cloth is from
Ty time is cut, you'll get sat in (satin) dirt, caught and (cotton) put on a shirt
No one lendin' (linin) you a hand when I line you up, you done
Just me and my pistol
30 in it, I handle any size issue, I'll clip you
Unidentified when the .9 hit you
Before the shot; Draymond
After the shot: J.R. Smith cause you didn't even know it was Ty (tied) did you?
I'll hit you
This bitch Fonz'll get washed
He gon' spit his bars all fuckin' animated, I don't get why, that shit dry
And of course it be drawn out, but you don't get the hint Ty (hentai)
I've been live
Against me your death would be fast, effortless
This is finna be a definite bag, I ain't regular fam'
Brought deadly material in the buildin', you gon' have to try as best as (asbestos) as you can
If I pop up in the Land, I'll be ready to let a shell blast
Pull up with a tool, Kel, bustin' through ya roof like Repair Man
My niggas will do you real bad
I ain't gotta help
They'll catch Ty (tie) all by they self, and air mags (Airmags)
You will pass, it's too easy you gon' lose
Big or small stage, the Land Lord gon' do the least (lease) in every room
Beat you with the Uz' (ooohs)
Have you hooked up to monitors, he can barely move, drinkin' all his food
Someone life on the line, it either gon' be mine or Ty's (monetize), and I'm tryin' to have you eatin' from the Tube
Don't be confused, I' rightfully stamped
Still representin' for my side of the map
You know where my pack is at, but they question us
Like, "Is y'all still the 4th Quarter Nit' (coordinate)?"
But why ask us (y-axis) that?
Niggas out here cappin'
Anybody can get it, I'm 'bout the action
So after I put Ty (tie) on the ropes, Sheed next, it's bound to Happen
Head shot, see a view from out the cabin like we down in Aspen
Pull out and clap him
Just give him a reason
But he said the barrel will knock out a quart of juice, and my family givin' hugs, that shit was decent
To be Simply Honest, that was a kid's punch, you gon' make me squeeze it
I don't believe him
You ain't gon' make it home after this fam'
When you die, your body returns to the dust of the Earth, that's the only way you make it back to the Land
If we get caught up in a jam, everybody close they mouth
If y'all get caught up in a jam, everybody goin' down
Cause Fonz agenda is tellin' people what it is, cause he can't stomach jail, that's an ultrasound
Hold up, hold up, "finds a gender", "tell the people what it is", "stomach gel", ya boy a (or) girl

[Round 3: Fonz]
Yo, this lil' bitch like 150 pounds
I'll end up slammin' this bitch
Stabbed in his shit
"Life on the line, it's gonna be mine or Ty's", well fuck it, I'ma add on a clip
Hustle said, "I like my Rum neat."
And he gon' be in that casket sharp
Y'all heard what his boo said
Even when the news spread that dude dead
Social media gon' have him on new threads
We shoot lead
I'm quick to let a MAC bang nigga
Bullets go through the core then it (coordinate) drop
Ain't no tellin' how many shots the loc ate (locate)
That was somethin' for them app (map) gang niggas
Against Solomon, we watched your stats change killer
It was a different type of torture
I'm talkin' 'bout George Washington, that white boy was wiggin' on a Quarter
Let's get this shit in order
Cause y'all be talkin' a lot of violence
Even Geechi said, "If Rum ain't on Summer Madness we finna incite a riot
He wasn't on Summer Madness and his next battle after that inside of Riot
That's what got him quiet
I don't know if it was all the playin' or URL black balled ya man
I just knew he got a Buzz but not the type that a Star Command
See they don't really respect 'em
Smack and 'em sent me to check him
He was wit' all that static and then we saw a Serius X him (Serious XM)
Bitch I'm really aggressive, I will really torture you bro
They gon' say, "The Alien got hit with a flying unidentified object"
Of course you a foe (UFO)
And all it takes is one bullet to break your skull in fractions, and that's unfortunate tho'
Cause I'm still gonna put one in one Fourth then 1/4th in the hole
Niggas bold, hella weak
I seen you crowned by URL in hella tweets
They said, "Well who gonna replace Rum?" Tell 'em me
Cause how he got better punches and better schemes
When you a Crip and they don't give you the attention that somebody who's special needs
Let him leave
Smack I won't let him breathe
They say it's arrogant of me cause Rum up there with the elites
Just not in comparison of Geech'
And he mad at URL cause he ain't in a position he apparently should be
But that's Scary Movie 3
Cause that's the Aliens that was doin' all that finger pointin' P(ee)
This nigga weak
Pussy on the low like a Danny Myers tweet
If Mr. Fo' Tre can't stand on his own, then why he keep join' teams?
Boy I ain't convinced
All that squad jumpin' lame as shit
No matter how he paint the pic
It's Morse Code, this a cry out, that's why that nigga keep changin' clicks (cliques)
You niggas been hoes
We watch you switch roles
Now it's EFB witcha Nutty Blocc Buddy
But you used to be a Quarter back (quarterback) in the day, that's a Swiss Roll
You in flip mode
That ain't what a real nigga does
I done spilled niggas blood, shotty filled up with slugs
I never play Kevin Gates, the steel (still) hittin' cuz (cous')
Fuck what you feel niggas done, it's lit for Rum
New Midwest, front runner, the official one
You ain't put nobody on from Phoenix, you can't tell us none of the shit you done
See that's the difference, you'se a Quarter and I'm leader (liter) and this a fifth for Rum
You'se a fake bitch
Got a fake squad cause they let him come outside wearin' some fake shit
He would've wore then Jordans to Cleveland, we would've chased bitch
He would've got stomped out and scrapped quick
I mean, what was the fourth and (4th End) goal? What made him go for it? It doesn't make sense
Fourth and goal, go for it, it doesn't make sense
Well, you know how you go for a field goal, but then you change shit?
Like fuck three points, I'm finna take six
One of them NFL play tricks
We would've had him runnin' out of them fake kicks
Oh you gon' hate this
Cause a nigga told me he had Magic flow with Conceited bars, minus the Slow It Down, I said, "It makes sense."
Magic his daddy and Conceited his grandpa, and they've been tryin' to scam Fonz
Tellin' me that the Alien a superior being, but I can tell that he studied that man Con' (mankind)
This a big gauge
Switchblade, Nick Cage, I'll tear your Face/Off
Nah, that wasn't that Fonz flare
Boy I'll beat in ya skull wit' a bat until your Face/Off
They gon' be mad at what I did to Con' heir (Con Air), but ya dawg died
Gun butt left 'em all blind
Large .9, knock the Vision out of A.I.; Ultron
They all cry, and you should see how his people react when he in triage
Eyeball hangin' out his skull you can damn near see it detached, the heat rise
Gun butt, blood gon' leak from his hat, he T-Boz
He lost his Left Eye and got beat by a MAC (Mack)
To keep it a stack, that nigga Geechi bossed you up
Before that, it was happy hour, Rum ain't cost too much
Then you change your movement, y'all became a unit
He pen gained improvements
You gained influence but it was gang influence
What if I say when they split that 150K them niggas made you do it?
If anybody had a recipe to come up with Rum cake, I'm sure Bay can (baking) do it
They played you stupid
And I hate it had to be that way
Cause we used to look at y'all like, "That EFB team don't play."
Now that west coast clique is startin' to fizz out like B2K and that's a bad thing
They made you split that cash king
Them niggas said, "Either you gon' give that boy bands or you gon' get your ass beat (Raz-B)."
I'm who they call when these niggas not rappin' right
They always tense up when the tents up; Cabin Life

[Round 3: Rum Nitty]
If they try niggas dead
I ain't even gotta clap this fat bitch, I'd rather fight you instead
It's cool, until I'm on the edge
And I bring out the other side like Fresh Prince jacket and put Ty' (tie) on his head
I see red, then a nigga get stretched
I've been on my shit, this ain't a big test
I was bred (bread) with the formula like a WIC check
This a quick death
If I let you live, it's a gesture of good will (wheel), cause I've really been trying to spin less
Skip that, sliddin' with this .50 on my lap
Patient, we get location, we spinnin' where they at
He tried dippin' when it clap
Hit his back, then lit his leg up like the Christmas Story lamp
I get amped
Cause they compare him to me, that shit wild
I get foul
The last nigga you seen me punch on, never landed again; I'm Chris Childs
Sit down
You got smoked, then got on N.O.M.E. with Danny Myers
Niggas lose, then still get a big plate, that's the problem
We have to stop it
They gave Fonz (finds) God after he beat hisself, that's Th3 Saga
Nasty patna
Can't find you? Then we swingin' by the crib
His bitch and his seed will get it then
Blick to his daughter and switch to a Guardian like a Cleveland Indian
We really spin
I speak facts, I can get Fonz (find) smoked for you like weed maps
Lookin' through the iron sight when the heat clap
Get you in the view (interview) and take a shot like Drink Champs
Think fast, or you won't be doin' well
Before you get one up on me, I'ma put you through some hell
Ruger shell, the heat went off, and his roof leakin', the Land Lord needs some sup' to (super) help
You a fail, play wit' fire and get burned
That shit you do may work a little but never pay off, it's an intern
I told myself, "You gotta be ready to take someone head off in the Cabin Nit' (cabinet)", sound like Big Worm
That shit hit nerve, scope on it, I can catch you from like six blocks
Y'all just seen me hit Bill up shootin', why would I miss the big shot?
This nigga a rat if he get popped
You was probably tellin' every time you did yo' (Joe) Dirt, you should get yo' shit rocked
Then get dropped
I ain't tryin' to make a scene, but can't nobody save you tonight if this .80 ring
Who gon' take a bullet for you? That's a crazy thing
Stand in front and get a bald head voluntarily like Ace Amin
Rank supreme
You really think dude is worthy? Never fam'
This bird outta hand, you drew a turkey
Against them other niggas, you might do them dirty
But Fonz (finds) food near me, you can Google search it
You get murdered
You bitch'll do everything for me, I'll pull up on her hella late then tell her, "Take the D"
Right after she read kid stories for your baby girl to lay to sleep
I'ma fuck the bitch bare (Bear) and stain (Berenstain) the sheet
This might be where your last battle is at
Cause if you lose, it's all small cards, fam' that's a fact
So this man has to rap
If not, they gon' say, "Ty (tie) loss and got Banned after that."
It's a wrap
I'm a stamped veteran, who you rap better than?
Try me and get a cracked melon in
A three piece and a bat for Ty', I'm Jack Skellington
Bitch, you can't keep it real yourself, suicide or (I'll do the job)

Paps und Alien Cut - 50 Special (Extended Version) Songtext

zu 50 Special (Extended Version) von Paps & Alien Cut - 50 Special Lyrics Alien Cut & Paps - 50 Special (Extended Version) Text 50 Special (Extended Version) Paps & Alien Cut 50 Special (Extended Version) Liedtext Paps & Alien Cut - 50 Special Songtekst Paps & Alien Cut - 50 Special (Extended Version) Tekst
Album: Civil War 3 (2022)

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50 Special Songtext von Paps & Alien Cut

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