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[lyrics originally transcripted by onesecbeforetheend, Rachel, etze and jimmy dyna]

Yo, this is Noah23, fuzzy logic

Burning furniture in the streets
Burning furniture in the streets

The universe is always gonna have a ripple of magical unity
Weaving the dribbled space into a continuity
Musical energy that can transcend negativity
Probability bandit come random with divinity
Singing that same song and saying my brain’s gone
The train rawbers, the doctor came at dawn
Your mamma don’t dance and your daddy don’t rock and roll

Lava lamp, avalanche I got a lotta soul
How about that one? pragmatic diagnostic stigmatism
Microscopic agoraphobic symbolism
Kids, it’s the ending glorified false perfection
Jackpot afterthought the proxy setting
We’re gon’ let you know when the dimension’s gonna open
Sentences spoken, pencils get broken
Ring the alarm, delta wing like Frida Kahlo
Flipping cables, I hang pictures
Pyramid fountainhead, petrified forest
Sunset crater, big baby taurus
Highway? modulation chopwave skyscraper
Contemporary alienation from nature
Ignatius charisma, web-seeking?sicker lyricist
Paradox? arsenal artist indifferences/artistic differences
Superior duplex super contradictionary monster
Pop hit in the planetary astronomy
Anonymous, cypher endless
Timeless obsession, narrative inventions
Siberia armageddon, tidal wave descendo

Throwing your television straight out the window
Mosquito net, interzone, presto change-o
Portobello brain stem
Mushrooms, swamps, cypress and mangos
In this global village I’m a royal rap scallion
Reflect the tinfoil holding a broken black stallion
Mad static, rabbit ears to the antenna
Killed them all off the ceiling in the bathroom with the vinegar
The windows rattle and the valley as the church looms
Dirt broom, dust bunny, diaper, kiwi, piper, centripede hurricane
Oak trees spider poetry bicycles
Sound of wind water
Now I’m living larger
Days is getting big
Five weeks, my little daughter
Goldfish, lotus flower
Blossom apple orchid
Slow down and then fast forward
This is a thunderbird fertility
On a crowd (proud?) mission
Gambling gods, lsd, clouded vision
Ill fortune, will still emotion, drink potion
Link broken, think like the ocean
Dream continuum, healer medium
Premium paramecium, rare breed
Endangered species, ingredient
Interpretation is only a guess
A missing limb, gesture at best
Give shape to the myth and awaken the bliss
Lift barriers, weighs, give praise to the glyph
Yantra mandala, ??vesical?, Rosseta
Immortal, celestial, ??? rose petal
The holiest of ceremonies, old earth territories
Unfold like the neverending story
23, twenty-three

Burning furniture in the streets
Learning curve barrier of the sweetest
Style you ever heard in your entire life
Spitting the ill shit with the zen powerbyte/powermite?
Ten fireflies bright
New and improved ?jawbox/chatbox?
Anagram, rubic’s cube, I got stamina
Representing in the flesh the name you can trust
??? Aztec, tornado dust

And keeping with the oral tradition
Of everything set in stone I do my part
I’m amplifying the rebel sound
Insignificant to the clinical picture
Need to get a bigger perspective
We jump up and spread it out

Tsunami watershadow, illuminati hollowhead
Head couple, red carpet, carpal tunnel, bottle in the fridge
?try that over commission?, Geneva Convention
Keep the people guessing
Secret weapons of the apocalypse
Buy Nothing Day, die another day
Inside a dirty brain hyperdimensional plane
Lighting up the flame
Why to run away, try another way
Drying in the rain, lie about your name
Five minutes of fame

Noah23, Guelph Oracle, Train Rawbers
Plague Language, Bourgeois Cyborgs, proletarians

Noah Jim - Waverunner23 Songtext

zu Waverunner23 von Noah Jim - Waverunner23 Lyrics Noah Jim - Waverunner23 Text Waverunner23 Noah Jim Waverunner23 Liedtext Noah Jim - Waverunner23 Songtekst Noah Jim - Waverunner23 Tekst
Album: Sigma Octantis (2004)

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