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The lies are here! So listen clear!
There is no time to waist
All your fears! Are proving real!
And will blow up in your face!

That's just the first step
Manipulation mind control!
That's how they'll get you
Life of fear with no parole!

Killing and grieving
A cost worthy sacrifice

The enemies! Are all around!
The only choice is war!
But who's sent to pay the price?
The middle men and the poor

So join the ranks! Take a stand!
Aim your weapons high!
To the face of the machine
That feeds off on our lives!

And take the first step
Towards freedom, out the door!
Or be another slave
Sent for profit off to war!

Killing and grieving
A cost worthy sacrifice

They tell us lies
They ruin lives
We give them control
Well I say no more!
No fucking More!!!

Night Screamer - Sacrifice Songtext

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Sacrifice Songtext von Night Screamer

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