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My body is here but my mind is somewhere out there
It's somewhere racing
I spent a lot of time trying to get to this time and place
Today is basically the biggest day of my life
I get to help in saving this guy
He suffers from some nearly fatal form of Pericardial heart disease
And we're supposed to operate
But I can't concentrate
I only contemplate
Damn is this what I want?
Is this right?
What the hell am I doing with my life?

I studied Cardiology
But I don't know the matters of the heart
Placed out of pace
Syncope from the start
And now I'm in doubt about the route I take
What does my heart say?

In my heart
There's a melody
But I can't hear it clearly
It appears to steer me
When times are severe like here
There is something truly
Daunting and haunting
About wanting to be a doctor

Guarding someone's life in your hands
The life of another man
To be literally the last stand
Between this man

And God's plan
His heartbeat fleets
And that's when the pressure kicks
And my gut becomes sick
This moment, this tick
Makes me wish and fantasize myself
In another life
What if I chased the dreams
That I wanted this whole time
My pop says this job is a long-term provider
I like my job
But I wanted to be a songwriter

Music I love music
I love the many effects it has
Depending on how you choose to use it
It can be your Muse and therapeutic
It's oozing with treasures to be discovered
It's a pleasure for me
I love it
Check this out

This is a regression line
Every hit song since 79
And all day long
This is on my mind
There's so much information
From tempos to key changes
Chord progressions
So many lessons

For example:
Did you know if you take the key of a song up
Everything gets more exciting
The song gets more enticing
It feels like it's rising
And if you take it back down
I don't really know what that does yet
Some people get upset
Anyways there's nothing that
Can contest with the dopamine
That comes over me
When I hear a dope rhyme scheme
And this dope
I mean every line seems to
Convey a sacred promise
To the next
It's the best
Every day at any moment
I'm hit with a wave of Serotonin
Flows sicker than the pages that I know
So here's a

This job sucks
I hate this job
I really freaking hate this job
And there's no one on the mother-loving face of the planet
To make me say thanks for this job
Only reason I have this job
Father told me to get this job
Demanded I land a solitaryin life
In med school to be granted monetary advancement
I don't think it's all about the money
And it's kind of funny
I think everybody's got a hobby that they love
And when I think about it
Every time I step up in the operating room
All I really want to do is sing and write songs
Yes I'm depressed I confess
Incessantly pressed for success
But success should be self-defined
So where do I draw the line?

Imagine having the mental capacity
Only the question the lessons you've learned
If you're not messing your lessons your lessoning
How much you sleep when you burn
Look how the tables have turned
This only leads to stress
You need to get your ass to class and pass the test
You'll be the best of the best
Do not succumb to the stress
You must impress
Teaches us how to finesse
Learn to survive without rest
You're going to manage your time
But all I can think about are lyrics and Rhymes
How do I deal with the pressure
How do I deal with the pressure

My Heart Says Go (Musical) - Prologue Songtext

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