Mr.Kitty - Glycerin Text

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As you sleep inside my glycerin
Can you hear me are you listenin'
Has the liquid seeped inside of you
They will keep you as a specimen
As the light shows bone and cartilage
I will never see your heart again
So for once may all your colors show
Let your beauty overflow

Stain their eyes, let them know
That you're alright, let it show
Stain their eyes, let them know
That you're alright

I awake inside your glycerin
I can hear you breathing oxygen
I no longer have inside of me
A display for all eternity
In the depths of where my heart resides
I will bathe beneath the coldest light
In the darkness I will be alone
Feel the liquid overflow

Mr.Kitty - Glycerin Songtext

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Glycerin Songtext von Mr.Kitty

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