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[Intro: Mike Posner]
David Banner, they
Good  mornin'
This  that alarm clock song
I made it for you to wake up to

[Verse 1: Mike Posner]
You  know I came to rip the scene apart
My  whole life is a piece of art (Oh)
And this is just a brush stroke (Oh)
I  made it in the biz they said was cutthroat (Oh)
I'm gettin' where I wanna be, but honestly
I can't even tell if that's really where I wanna be
I'm not a commodity, I am on an Odyssey
Used  to be a wannabe, now I'm what I wanted to be, woo
I'm an underdog, dog, I'm Ralph Naderin'
Followin' my intuition now and that's a major win
I'm Taylor Swift mixed with Ruth Bader Gins'
Liberation is the flavor that I'm savorin', it's mmm
Fake breasts and make-up, they don't turn me on
Life is a game and, yes, the journey's long
Growing my beard was just like me puttin' my jersey on
Coach K saw the light in me early on

[Interlude: Mike Posner]
Oh you don't believe?
Mike Posner, boy, is he talented, I mean, he's so talented
What up Nolan?
John, go get 'em, woo

[Verse 2: Mike Posner]
We 'bout to take it to a new level
Even when I'm sad, I give 'em hell, I'm a Blue Devil
Her boyfriend wrote a book, I was unimpressed
I don't care about her man if it wasn't Hesse (Oh)
I might do Everest, you never know (Oh)
It changes like a metronome (Oh)
I never read The Untethered Soul (Oh)
I already got an untethered soul (Oh)
I wasted years tryna become better known (Oh)
Right when I gave that up is when I became better known (Oh)
Oh, this is that Michigan December flow
I got two lifetimes worth of ideas in my Evernote (Oh)
Bozo, Fender Rhodes (Oh)
Complimented outwardly now from my inner glow (Oh)
And since I've seen, I changed my look to see who really loves me
I'm Prince Akeem

[Interlude: Wiz Khalifa]
See when I was comin' up
I was always one of them niggas who did what the fuck I want
Smokin' weed on TV wasn't even cool
Now that shit legal
So back then, from causing trouble to right now
I'm a motherfuckin' businessman

[Verse 3: Wiz Khalifa]
Uh, too rich to ever fit in
You wait the front, I get in
You talk too much, I listen
You blind, I got the vision
The day I worked for myself, that was the best decision
You livin' check to check, I check to see what checks I'm gettin'
You get no respect until respect is given
I live with no regret, you regret where you livin'
Still got the yellow car, we in the house chillin'
You think the air is on, I'm heir to the throne
So many diamonds, people stare when I put 'em on
But they don't walk up, my pockets thick like Ms. Parker
And I got the Benz parked, sparkin' up
And I got a '64 that's hard as fuck
But don't get in over your head
Supposed to be stackin' instead of spendin' most your bread
Don't get in over your head
Supposed to be stackin' instead of spendin' most your bread

Mike Posner feat. Wiz Khalifa - Prince Akeem Songtext

Mike Posner - Prince Akeem Lyrics Mike Posner ft. Wiz Khalifa- Prince Akeem Text Mike Posner - Prince Akeem ft. Wiz Khalifa Liedtext

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