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Okay, I ain't even gon' flex, it's Sunday
I ain't even up next, but one day
You gon' put this tape in, hit the replay
Gon' vibe when you ride
Chill to the music, feelin' what I'm puttin' inside
Dealin' with your vulnerable side
This go hard and I ain't even try
Close your eyes, just vibe with me
Do or die for life, really
When I ridin', he drivin' me
Great spirit, it's my Siri
Navigate through the ways of the land

Demonstrate when to kneel, understand
Give me grace when I don't understand
Which way is the best?
No, God's got a plan
Throughout my life, my hands stayed dirty
Down to ride when it's necessary
Walk a line, I got no worries
Take my time, I'm in no hurry
Brothers die, so my eyes blurry
Another ride to the cemetery
Live your life, you know death comin'
But of faith, and we gone, homie
You don't really want no problem
You don't really want no problem
You don't really want no problem (won't no problem)
You don't really want, yo, you don't really want no problem (won't no problem)
All until I see that
'Til I drop down six feet deep in the casket
Take my last breath and I breathe that
Stand on the front line, called in to ask

She keep mine free, no relapse
Try and stay clean, but the mud gon' stick
Suds in the fifth, duds on the whip
One, two, five, six, so I curl in the silk
With a pearl on the hip, hair trigger flicker on big
Peace with the wood on the grip
Black in a bed, 'bout to be incurred when I slip out, put the Hellcat on drill, smokin' a spliff
Get thrown rap on the seat, you gon' see it with a pack on your step
Been through hell, and I'll be damned if I climb down just so I can jump back in
Back tires spin when I mash out, lookin' for the cash out, red zone, go for the win
Ride for my friends, most of them gone so long in the grave, but they locked in a pen
Smoke in the wind, raise up a toast to the ones that be locked down due in a bed, know the world ain't shit
Lord heard every pray you left up down there in cell block six
As the world on tilt, everybody Leroy left
Had to put the south on drip, 'bout this here, yeah
Bobbin' with the head nod, mobbin' in the streets out there
Let me make this clear, we some third-breds in the country
Blue contract and true, and if it comes down to it
Then you cross that line in a red, white, and blue
Boy, you better salute
You don't really want no problem (want no problem)
You don't really want no problem (want no problem)
You don't really want no problem
You don't really want, you don't really want no proble

JamWayne - No problems Songtext

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