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[Verse 1]
Oh, my big Balu, with my wine I pine for you
My days are shapeless now
I'm something of a sacred cow
But sunrise on those gum balls bouncing around Manhattan
Saw the Magi sleep on a subway train
And the start of an elegant pattern
You carried me over the threshold
You were the B of the bang of the binge
'Til I split for a tryst with a rust belt girl with a Plantagenet fringe
And, oh, do I miss you Balu with your bookmark heart
And your bible of Sign o' the Times
I'll dig you back up when they kill you
And hollow your skull for my wine

Balu, Balu, Balu
Balu, Balu, Balu, Balu

[Verse 2]
Oh, my big Balu, I saw you walking on the moon
I didn't wind my window down
I didn't wind my window down
But forever, old man, we're children of Pan
Drones just don't understand
There's nothing amiss that cannae be fixed
By a bottle of fire and a band
I'll never be whole without you
But I'll never grow in your shadow
Meccano, Mikado, m'laddo
If you can't reach for the next branch up, I'll sing to you
About the view
I'll sing to you, Balu

Balu, Balu, Balu, Balu
Balu, Balu, Balu, Balu
I'll sing to you about the view, Balu
Balu, Balu
Balu, Balu, Balu, Balu

Elbow - Balu Songtext

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Album: AUDIO VERTIGO (2024)

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Balu Songtext von Elbow

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