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Grandma told me I look just like you
Flawless, strong and fragile like a dove
I wondered will I grow to be as tall as you were to me
You were perfect, bathed me in your love

I was young, now I know sometimes you cried alone
I've learnt the world isn't black and white
When you made me look away
I know you never meant to hurt me
You kept marching on

A faded picture of you at my age
A candid smile I hardly recognise
When you close your eyes at night
Do you dream of your past life
I never know what's going through your mind

I was young, now I know sometimes you took the plunge
Those nights you prayed, you were terrified
You'd say go figure it out
Darling, no one knows the answers
You keep marching on
You keep marching on

Sometimes I wonder if I was born as your reincarnation
But I could never be like you
I'm a child without patience
Did you mean that
Did you mean that
When you told me
That I'm your dream

You keep marching on...

Dami Im - Marching On Songtext

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