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Rock & Roll was a black thing until Elvis came and made it different (Okay)
You can't self sustain, you too selfish wait and listen
You keep saying my name you put yourself in this position
This what happens when the Celtics play the Pistons (Swish)
I was minding my business, you wasn't making any type of noise these days
So a choice was made, clout chase Benzino and Coi Leray
You still in your annoying phase (Wow)
Ay, what do you call it when a man stans Stan, that's a stan, help me coin the phrase
I am the culture, you won't even be around
You won't even come outside, you won't even see your town
Icewear Vezzo said that Em don't be showin' the city love
Why you ain't got no words for him? He in your city, bruv
I wonder why, we wanna see. just say something please

Couldn't be possibly that you ain't really from them streets
I was born and raised in my city, you should've come for me
I don't know where you from, but they say Missouri loves company
I'm probably more Detroit than you because these real niggas know me
I was with YBI in '86, yeah, that's my OG's
4 corners, Columbia point
My young boys had the [Moses] on Dexter with the [bomb] boys close to me
Okay, you found 50 and you put 5 Detroit niggas
Rest in peace to the best one, the rest of them sound iffy
So let's go down your stable, Gun left your label
Benny left your label, Con left your label, Royce left your label
Joe Budden left your label, Ortiz left your label (Damn)
Crooked I couldn't save you, Yelawolf been out here floppin' (nah)
And where the hell Ca$his been at though?
Only heard from Obie Trice only twice and not a word from Stat Quo
With all them false lines that you pitched them
Shady records sound like less of a name and more like a description (Stop it)
A chain here, a feature there, besides that, what did he do?
And why does this cat don't get the type of criticism that Diddy do?
Huh, Y'all see what all this corny rap shit do to you

Since you so hip hop, you should've went to Nipsey's funeral
If you support 50, then why ain't you go to Smoke's funeral?
And now you spittin gumballs, boy, I really throw two at you
Talk about "I catch a stray", you pull it and squeeze
I've been shot multiple times, what's a bullet to me?
Lookin at me, trust my process I am here to crookin' these streets
You missed the season like rookie Embiid
You call our women black bitches then play the victim when there's distrust
You keep using the art form that we created to diss us
They try to rewrite history make you Elvis of Hip-Hop
But in stores Slim should be on the shelves next to Slipknot
You say you come from battle rap, but why don't you support none of these battle cats? (Why)
Drake be at these smack events, where your ass was at?
Room full of hood niggas back to back, and it's action packed
And a pop rapper smack dab in the middle, imagine that
Last time you battled, shit was like 22 years ago, Marv Von
What was the outcome of that match up? Marv won
You been afraid, you ain't no renegade fam
And you duck my clipper blades because you ain't with the fade fam
Me, you and Royce can box, 2 on 1, you get the same hands
I'm in the trench with Ray Bands, so when I lift them, they land
I been a made man, you little mangy minute made man
And I'm pissin' all in your Lyrical Lemonade stand
My nigga Young Zee dissed you, Miilkbone dissed you
Last Emperor dissed you, Pacewon dissed you (Okay)
Real lyricists but you ain't go back at them did you? (Never)
'Cause you would rather battle pop stars just to get your issue
You like to pick the low hanging fruit lets get this clear
You dissed, Elton John, your mum, your ex, Britney Spears
You dissed Lana Del Ray fam, Moby, Iggy
Not Iguodala, the white broad, is you shittin' me? (C'mon, man)
Will Smith, Nick Cannon, Insane Clown Posse
A retired Joe Budden, when I tell a lie stop me (Stop me)
Machine Gun Kelly, that boy damn near whipped you (What)
Come on, dawg, how Vanilla Ice gon' diss you?
If you thought your rap bars was hard you need to grow up (Stop it)
You just plain Eminem, you ain't got no nuts, huh?
This shit 'bout to get really dark on you
Get them dogs on you, bark on you, dog on you
As soon as you log on, you got 'em locked on you
Like the laws on you, as soon as your thoughts dawned on you
There's a problem on your hands now 'cause I got it solved on you (Right)
Don't make me fucking call Benzino dog on you
I ain't really outside and this recluse need to get out more
I run the outdoors and I can vouch for, anyone that been down, I can account for
And how about your mind will finally be off of my neck with my hands squeezing around yours, motherfucker?

Benzino - Rap Elvis (Eminem Diss, Pt. 2) Songtext

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