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Turning Point

And now
We're standing on the cliff with the wind on our face
Eyes wide, wide open with a gleam in their gaze

And now
Horizon, what do you bury for me?
Will I, will I be ready for it?

Earth on a turning point
Calling us home
And nobody stands alone

On our own
We’ve built ourselves a monument
Stone for stone a witness of our ways

On our own
We illuminate with it the firmament
So that the world may see us raise

The whole world’s a turning point
Concerning us all
Nobody stands alone

Now friends
Let’s stay
Let’s pray
Let us burn it all away
Burn all the fears in which we’re trapped,
the voices holding us back

Now friends

Let’s range
Let us really be the change
Dreamers awake

May the old dependence
on dead concepts break

May the new alliance
with aliveness awake

May the old dependence on
captivity fade

May a new alliance
with freedom be made

Alva Lün - Turning Point Songtext

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Turning Point Songtext von Alva Lün

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