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You ain't never heard nothing about how Drake stopped or that Drake flopped
'Cause I'll make that lil' boy K. Dot turn K-pop
I'll see that these nigga's future's sleeping at rests stops
And have your sole earnings and profits come from that Wing Stop
I'll get your Joe Blows buttoned up and your coup topped
For talking all that hoopla, fuck 'em, we're Grand Puba
Hi Whitney, hi Whitney
Won't you come over girl, get high with me?
Tell me about your insecurities, impurities and shortcomings
Baby, I'll have you more coming and more cumming, more life, more monеy, more success, more chains

Fuck it girl, morе everything
I know you don't like all them travel decorations in your house
You wanted something tasteful but it's bothering you now
I'll send that interior decorator to your house
Incorporate a couple owls and tell him, "Baby, it'll grow on us, let's stick with it for now
Niggas tried to rekindle their careers off my child, no, let's talk about it
I'm 'bout to push all the buttons, push their teeth back
Pusha-T found tea and he couldn't wait to drink that
Niggas hate on me, I pray to God they would rethink that

AI - Hi Whitney (Fanmade AI) Songtext

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Hi Whitney (Fanmade AI) Songtext von AI

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