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4th Dimension Songtext

[Intro: Louis Prima]
Down the chimney, he will come
With his great big smile
And you'll find that even the kiddies
Are swingin' in the latest style
Oh, oh, oh
What is Santa bringing?
Oh, oh, oh
I wonder whether he'll be swingin'

[Verse 1: Kanye West]
It feels so good, it should cost
Bought an alligator, I ain't talkin' Lacoste
Made me say, "Ooh, uh"
Like I'm mixing Master P and Rick Ross (uh, uh)
She seem to make me always feel like a boss (uh, uh)
She said I'm in the wrong hole, I said I'm lost (uh, uh)
She said I'm goin' too fast, I'm exhausted
Now drop to your knees for the offerin'
This the theme song, oh somethin' wrong
Might need an intervention for this new dimension
That's too new to mention, or fit in a sentence
If I get locked up, I won't finish the sent-

[Sample: Louis Prima]
Oh, oh, oh
What is Santa bringin'?
Oh, oh, oh
I wonder whether he'll be swingin'

[Interlude: Kanye West]

[Verse 2: Kid Cudi]
Gettin' loose while I'm on the deuce, see me roll out
What you surf, hit the coast, and this feelin', I got
Plenty of adventures for the evenin', we go journey, we off
From the light to guide us home, we in the moment, oh-oh
Such a lost boy, caught up in the darkest I had
What's the cost, boy? Losin' everything that I had
She been on me, boy, unless you got somethin' to tell
Sittin', waitin' for me slippin', yeah, I'll see you in hell
Tell the cougar get up off me, no, my soul ain't for sale
All the evils in the world, they keepin' on me for real
I really hope the Lord won't hurt me, we all live in sin
Kids see ghost off the ropes, Ric Flair on your bitch
Now this the theme song, this the theme song
The put the beams on, get your, get your dream on
But you don't hear me though, drama: we let it go
Watch the guitars roll and let your friends know

[Sample: Louis Prima]
Oh, oh, oh
What is Santa bringin'?
Oh, oh, oh
I wonder whether he'll be swingin'

[Outro: Shirley Ann Lee]
Just do that and then let the music do somethin', then do that again, that'd be enough for a record
I mean, you only want two and a half minutes if you can get it, you know, three minutes max—

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4th Dimension von KIDS SEE GHOSTS

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