In der Silvesternacht haben der Musikproduzent Martin Garrix und Sängerin Dua Lipa erstmals die gemeinsame Single "Scared To Be Lonely" hören lassen!

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Eddie Rabbitt - You and I

Songtext & Übersetzung
Eddie Rabbitt - You and I SongtextJust you and I (Just you and I) Sharing our love together And I know in time (And I know in time) We'll build the dreams we treasure We'll be all right, just you and I

Carla's Dreams - Ca Benzina

Songtext & Übersetzung
Carla's Dreams - Ca Benzina SongtextCa benzina Se aprinde ea Mă cuprinde ea Lasă urme pe retină Dar pe retina mea

Maggie Lindemann - Would I?

Songtext & Übersetzung
Maggie Lindemann - Would I? SongtextIf all of my friends wanted to jump Would I, would I? If I could feel nothing, if I could feel numb Would I, would I? If I could forget you without all the drugs Could I, could I? If all of my...

Azet - Skam koh

Songtext & Übersetzung
Azet - Skam koh SongtextTi po don me mu me nejt Veq ti e din qe skam kohë-ohë, skam kohë Ata tjert jan tu flejt Veq une e di qe skam kohë-ohë, skam kohë Qa po fol pse po rren? Lale, lale, skam kohë-ohë, skam kohë Ti po don...

Vanessa Mai - Niemals

Songtext & Übersetzung
Vanessa Mai - Niemals SongtextSag niemals immer, sag niemals nie Es kommt sowieso anders irgendwie Sag niemals immer, so läuft es nicht Es sei denn, es geht dabei um dich und mich
The Flamingos - I only have eyes for you SongtextI don't know if we're in a garden Or on a crowded avenue You are here, so am I Maybe millions of people go by But they all disappear from view And I only have eyes for you

Neue Songtexte & deutsche Übersetzungen

Heartist - Black Cloud SongtextI let it go, but I won't forget everything you said. So step back, and let it sink into your head. You are the black cloud in my life; I try to walk away, but you follow me. You're the sun that blinds my eyes; I try to turn away, but you're burning me
Miley Cyrus & Mark Ronson - Happy Xmas (War Is Over) SongtextA very merry Christmas, and a happy New Year Let's hope it's a good one without any fear
Zayn - There you are SongtextThere you are There you are You're there with open arms There you are There you are And I run
Grausame Töchter - Annika in Ekstase SongtextAnnika... Annika, kannst du mich hören? Warum sagst du nichts mehr? Du bist so blass und so schön, so bleich und so vollendet. Es ist egal. Schlaf schön. Du hast ja jetzt alles gesehen

Zayn - Common

Zayn - Common SongtextAs I lay here in your bed, I need you on my chest To warm me all the time, to take away your breath Sweetin' on your lips, there ain't nothin' common 'bout us In this ordinary world where nothin' is enough Everything is gray, mistakin' love for lust When I hold you in my arms, there ain't nothin' common 'bout us
Andreas Gabalier - Hallihallo SongtextUnd du lachst immer wieder An der schank gegenüber Und i wink zu dir rüber Und du winkst immer wieder Hallohalli hallihallo Halli halli hallo
Robin Schulz ft. Christy McDonald - Ha Leh Lou Ya SongtextMy heart was slowing One foot up in heaven Boy, you bring me back to life
Herbert Grönemeyer - Der Held SongtextDein Held, dein Star Und bei Bedarf auch dein Kommissar Unser Fall ist so sehr sonnenklar Nichts passiert von ungefähr Wir sind Geschichte, sind legendär
Pentatonix - Where Are You, Christmas? SongtextWhere are you, Christmas? Why can't I find you? Why have you gone away? Where is the laughter You used to bring me? Why can’t I hear music play?
Alan Walker & Sorana - Lost Control SongtextI've lost, I've lost I've lost control again Always do the same and not to blame I've lost control again I don't, I don't I don't know who I am Always do the same and not to blame I've lost control again
Avril Lavigne - Tell Me It's Over SongtextTell me it's over if it's really over 'Cause it don't feel like it's over Whenever you're closing the door, no So tell me it's over if it's really over 'Cause every time you come over It doesn't feel over no more So tell me it's over
Christina Perri - You Mean The Whole Wide World To Me SongtextDarling you mean the whole wide world to me Darling you light up everyone you meet With a smile you give away so easily Darling you mean the whole wide world to me
George Michael, Elton John - Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me SongtextDon't let the sun go down on me Although I search myself, it's always someone else I see I'd just allow a fragment of your life to wander free But losing everything is like the sun going down on me
Janelle Monáe - Crazy, Classic, Life SongtextWe don't need another ruler We don't need another fool (oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh) I'm not American's nightmare I'm the American cool (oh-oh, oh-oh) (Just let me live my life) I want a crazy, classic, life
Leoniden - Kids SongtextOur tears don't matter brother I love the life I left behind But you know what I did? I ripped it apart There was something in the basement Chained to my heart Not anymore